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Release notes 2020-10-13

Stay informed about the latest platform features and updates in v4.21

Updated over a week ago

A large number of features and improvements are now available in the Nexd Campaign Manager. The highlights from this release:

  • You can add a Countdown widget to ads. This will show the seconds and minutes ticking away until your specified time. We believe the widget is especially helpful when designing creatives for time-limited offers (eg Black Friday), movie or TV series releases, product or website launches etc. Learn how to use the Countdown feature in detail.

  • Each asset's optimization can be changed inside the platform. This will help you use higher quality images for logos/CTAs or lower quality for background assets. Bear in mind that increasing the quality results in a larger load size, and decreasing the quality could also lower campaign performance. We automatically optimize all assets with our proprietary AI algorithm, so use this only for special cases. To start, click on "Change optimization" for the specific asset. Use the "Optimize more" or "Optimize less" buttons to see real-time results of optimized asset. Drag the slider to compare the original and optimized assets. When the optimized size and quality looks ok, then click "Save".

  • We restructured Additional assets and Effects. First, the "Additional assets" tab is now named "Extras". You can find the logo and CTA assets and overlay elements here. Secondly, we moved the snow and hearts effects from "Options" tab to "Extras" tab under "Effects and Widgets" heading. This change was needed to make room for a new awesome widget ... Countdown ⏲

  • You can see all new layouts highlighted in the Layout Gallery with "NEW" label.

  • And 15+ small improvements

Thanks for being updated on the latest changes in our platform, and we wish you a fruitful day πŸ₯₯

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