The branding and call-to-action (CTA) elements are vital and in many cases, mandatory. They should always be seen by your audience regardless of which part of the ad they are viewing.

Fortunately, you have a straightforward approach to adding the overlay logo and CTA asset elements. You can efficiently add assets and use the position editor to quickly adjust elements within the asset area.

  • The logo stays in place, even when you change underlying assets.

  • It gives the creatives a 3D look. The logo will always be visible, even when the creative is moving from side-to-side or page-to-page.

  • If you want to perform an A/B test for your creatives, you only have to duplicate the creative and change the CTA text.

  • When using regular CM mobile layouts, you won’t have to worry about placing a CTA button or logo outside of the screen. By default, they'll appear in the right place, depending on the size of the device, and will not disappear if the device does not support a high aspect ratio.

How to use it?

  1. Select the Extras tab.

  2. Drag the asset from Asset library or upload the asset.

  3. Position the asset.

  4. Click Save. Your creative is now ready. 

In addition to logo and CTA you can add additional overlay elements or even use different CTA for each asset.

Learn about what's in the Options and Tracking tabs.

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