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All your Nexd assets are stored in one convenient place

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When making or editing a creative, you can see all your uploaded assets in the Asset library. It will be floating on the side of the creative for handy use, so you can easily drag & drop them into specific asset slots:

You can see the supported file types in the drop zone. It depends on the selected layout, but usually we allow jpg, png, svg, gif, mp4 and mov.

You can add asset one by one or all in one go. We also support ZIP that contains multiple assets. No need to download the ZIP, unpack, and then upload. We do that for you!

Here are the different possibilities what you can do with your assets in the Asset library.

Drag & drop

You can drag & drop asset(s) straight into the platform. Select the files in your operating system file explorer, drag them into the Next Campaign Manager window. Just be sure that the drop area is highlighted (see below).


To select the asset(s) via your browser file explorer click on:

  • the drop area (see above)
    - or -

  • the Upload files icon on top of Asset library (see below)

Import via URL/link

Asset(s) can be uploaded via URL/link by clicking on the icon and enter the link(s).

The URL has to be a direct link to the asset (not a page or website where the asset is). So:

The above works as this is a direct link to the asset

The above does not work as this is a link to a webpage where you
can see asset(s)

To streamline your creative build process even more, you can import assets from the most popular file sharing platforms. We support Dropbox, Google Drive and WeTransfer links.


If you upload a new asset to the Asset library with the same file name as an existing asset, you will be asked whether you'd like to replace the asset or add as new. When you choose to add as new, then we will add "copy" to the end of the file name so you know which is new.

Assets used in the creative

To ease the understanding of which assets are used in the creative and which ones are not, we highlight them in the Asset library.


It's possible to delete assets from Asset library. If the asset is currently in use, we will notify you that the asset has been removed from the creative. If you remove an asset from asset slot it will remain in the Asset library so you can (re)use it as needed.

Last tips

  • You can still use each asset slot's Upload icon, or drag & drop assets to specific asset slots as before.

  • Pro tip: When you create multiple creatives with the same assets (eg 3D Cube and Carousel), the most efficient way to do this is to create one creative, upload all assets, and drag them into place. Then duplicate the creative, select the new layout and then drag them into their new locations.

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