Automate making a Responsive creative

All you need to know to automate making a Responsive creative

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Responsive creatives are a special solution to enable the fast creation of ads that are interactive, engaging, and perform on different mobile and desktop sizes using the same one tag. You only need to upload 5 to 13 prepared assets, and the workflow does all the rest.

1. Prepare assets

See specifications for designers:

You should have at least:

  • 4 cube side assets, 3-6 carousel card assets, 1 panorama image, or 1 video

  • 1-4 background images

  • optionally, a logo and/or a CTA image

Note: you can use video assets on both the Responsive 3D cube and Responsive carousel layouts. We recommend a maximum of 1 video per creative, for optimal file size and performance.

2. Create placement in Nexd Campaign Manager

1. Select or create the campaign where you want to make the placement. Just hover over the campaign and click on the link "Creatives" that appeared on the right.

2. Click on the little downward arrow on the "Create Placement" button and select "Responsive creative"

3. Drag & drop your prepared assets in the drop area, or click on "Choose files" and select the assets via browser file manager. The files will be uploaded, and the first view of the creative is made. The system will map the assets to the correct place, and add logo/CTA or background image according to file names (eg, when filename contains "front", "first" or starts with "1", that asset is linked as the front side of the cube or first carousel card). Complete mapping info:

  • Front/First media - file name that contains "front", "first", or start with "1"

  • Right/Second media - "right", "second", or starts with "2"

  • Rear/Third media - "rear", "third", or starts with "3"

  • Left/Fourth media - "left", "fourth", or starts with "4"

  • Fifth media - "fifth" or starts with "5"

  • Sixth media - "sixth" or starts with "6"

  • Squares background - "square", "rectangle", "672x560", "300x250", "336x280"

  • Leaderboard background - "leaderboard", "1940x500", "970x250"

  • Halfpage background - "tower", "halfpage", "600x1200", "300x600"

  • Mobile background - "mobile", "600x960", "300x480"

  • Fit background - "fit", "2000x1200"

  • Overlay Logo - "logo"

  • Overlay CTA - "cta", "click", "more"

NB! Make sure that you use the naming conventions above, or the system may select the wrong layout automatically. If that happens, you can choose the correct layout via the "Change layout" button.

So, when you upload:

  • only one video ... Responsive video layout is automatically selected

  • only one image ... Responsive panorama layout is selected

  • four images/videos ... Responsive cube layout is selected

  • 2, 3 or more than four images/video ... Responsive carousel layout is selected

If there are any problems with mapping, those assets will not be linked and you'll need to drag them manually from the Asset library. Just open "Assets & Options" and drag to desired asset slot:

4. Give the creative a meaningful name. By default, it is named "New creative".

5. When needed, select a platform to enable different publishers' and DSPs' click macros.

When you are happy with the result, move to the next step.

3. Export creative

This is according to the usual workflow: select the creative(s), click "Export", then "Export tags". For more information, read our detailed exporting guide.

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