Supported channels and platforms

NEXD is Google certified, but we also support multiple other platforms.

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NEXD Campaign Manager is Google certified, meaning it will work right out of the box with Google Ad Manager and Google Ads. Nexd Campaign Manager has also been tested extensively with a range of other demand-side platforms, including AdForm, Google Display & Video 360, Google Ads, MoPub, Xandr, The Trade Desk, and many more (the full list is available at the bottom of this article).

If you're using these platforms, NEXD Campaign Manager will output a tag for you with all the appropriate macros in place. To do this, simply select the appropriate platform from the list when creating your Nexd Campaign Manager campaign.

To ease the flow between Nexd Campaign Manager and other platforms you can download multiple tags as one spreadsheet. For Adform and Google Display & Video 360 you can directly import these, and the banners will be created in the platform automatically. For others, the spreadsheet helps you reduce errors in moving data from one platform to another.

Full list of supported platforms

Certified DSP's

  • Amazon

  • Adlib

  • Ad360Global

  • Nexd

  • Near

  • Adelphic

  • Xandr (formerly AppNexus)

  • Google Display & Video 360 (DV360, formerly DBM)

  • The Trade Desk

  • Adition

  • MediaMath

  • Quantcast

  • MediaSmart

  • Remerge

  • Tubemogul

  • Videology

  • Amobee

  • MoPub

  • PocketMath

  • Applift

  • LiquidM

  • Quple

  • MADS One

  • ScaleOut

  • Bidsopt

  • Eskimi

  • Verizon Media

  • Inmobi

  • Adobe Advertising Cloud

  • Adxperience

  • Appier

  • Bidtimize

  • Geospot Media

  • Platvorm161

  • Sizmek

  • Stackadapt

  • StrikeAd

  • Zemanta One

  • Zeta

Certified Ad Servers

  • Adxperience

  • Google Campaign Manager (formerly Doubleclick Campaign Manager)

  • Smart ad Server

  • LoopMe

  • Revive

  • Conversant

  • Adquota

  • Centro

  • Clickonometrics

  • Emodo

Certified AdTech Partners

  • Integral Ad Science

  • DoubleVerify

  • Fluct

  • Pushfire

  • Nielsen

  • Comscore

  • Permodo

  • AdSpot

  • Video Intelligence

  • Adverserve

  • Splicky

  • Orby

  • Tune

  • Quantcast

Certified SSP's & SDK's

  • Xandr (formerly AppNexus)

  • Activision/Blizzard Media

  • Google Ad Exchange (formerly DoubleClick Ad Exchange)

  • Google Ad Manager (formerly Doubleclick For Publishers)

  • Microsoft Advertising Exchange

  • 1 by Aol | Mobile

  • Index Exchange

  • Improve Digital

  • Pubmatic

  • MailOnline

  • OpenX

  • CPX Interactive

  • Pulsepoint

  • Admeta

  • RhythmOne

  • Rubicon Project

  • Smaato

  • Smart Ad Server

  • Daily Express

  • The Moneytizer

  • The Place to Bid

  • The Weather Channel

  • The Telegraph

  • Yahoo!

  • Agora

  • MoPub

  • Conversant

Your platform is not on the list?

If you would like to use us on a channel not included in this list, please contact our support team. Our team will need links to the channel, so we can run tests.

Typically, adding support for a new channel takes approximately 5 working days (including testing and optimization), although it may take longer, depending on the system and methods used by the channel.

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