First and most importantly:

That means that you should:

  • use layouts with 1-3 assets. Eg - Still, Drag to Reveal, Floating Object, Carousel, Scratch, Scroll to Zoom, etc

  • add only image assets to the creative. To help you, we block adding video assets to an asset slot

  • optimize the whole creative or each asset to achieve the desired quality/size balance

  • monitor the approximate total load size under the creative's quick preview and on our preview site. We also show a caution sign when you go over the size limit.

Please note that the exported creative ZIP size may differ from the approximate size, depending on your selected layout and options. When you are ready, export your creative to see the final size of the file.


No analytics in Nexd Campaign Manager

You will, however, see data for these creatives inside the Google Ads platform. We make sure you see this in the creative list and on the analytics pages with notifications and tooltips like these:

You are able to add tracking as it’s added in Google Ad Manager but have to be sure that you have consent for the third-party tracking.

How to publish in Google Ads platform?

When you have downloaded a ZIP that's within the 150Kb limit, you need to upload it to the Google Ads platform:

  1. Create or select a campaign

  2. Create or select an ad group

  3. In the "ad" section of the ad group click Add/Change and select "Upload display ads":

4. An upload area is displayed below. Click on the "Choose files to upload":

5. Choose the ZIP file(s) that you exported from Nexd Campaign Manager. They should appear in the same upload area:

6. When needed, you can click on the icon and the ad will be shown:

7. Don't forget to click the "Add to ad group" button:

Now you should be all set to run the ad in Google Ads.


Please note that when you save the campaign, there may be additional notifications displayed or confirmations needed. In the below example you have to confirm that you are allowed to use trademarks displayed on the ad:

You have to check the exception:

And click the "Save changes" button.

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