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Export creatives

How to export creative tags or ZIPs to your chosen platform

Updated over a week ago

Once you have created your Nexd Campaign Manager campaign and added creatives, it's time to export these.

1. Select creatives

On the creative list, check the box next to the creatives you want to export and click on the "Export" button, then "Export Tags".

Pro tip: If you want to export all creatives you can skip the selection process, just click on "Export" and "Export tags". We'll select all the creatives for you.

Pro tip 2: If there are just a couple of creatives you don't want to export then you can select all creatives using the small checkbox above the campaign's name and just deselect those you do not need.

Pro tip 3: You can click on "Export for Platforms (XLS/CSV)" to choose whether to download one or multiple spreadsheets for each platform. This will help you reduce manual work when you're using many creatives on multiple platforms. You will have one file per platform. Note: Depending on your browser, you may have to allow our website to download multiple files. When this happens, a similar popup will appear, just click "Allow":

2. Confirm (optional, only for new creatives)

You'll be taken to an overview where you'll see a list of all the creatives you're about to export. If you are updating existing creatives and exporting new ones, these are grouped accordingly. Review the list, and click "Export" again.

Note: when you have selected creatives that have been previously exported, then no confirmation is needed.

3. Download the spreadsheet, copy tags or download ZIP

In the export modal, you will see creatives grouped by platform.

You have three different options:

  1. Use spreadsheet - click the "Download for ... platform" button to download a spreadsheet with each creative name, size and tag. For Adform and Google Display & Video 360 (DV360) you can directly import these and banners will be created in the platform automatically. For other platforms, the spreadsheet helps you reduce errors in moving data from one platform to another. Either way, this will help you reduce manual work when you have to enter many creatives into another platform.

  2. Copy tag to clipboard - click "View tag" and then select "Copy tag to clipboard" to simplify pushing it to your preferred DSP or website.

  3. Download tag - download each creative zip or tag separately, or all at once.

Note: ZIP is only available for creatives with Google Ads selected as the platform. All other platforms use a tag.

To understand how to use our tags, please read our overview or the in-depth article.

You'll also receive an email confirming the creatives are exported, and an attachment with the tags you've just created.

View or download tags/zips

Whenever you need you can see the same exporting options as described before (step 3). Just select the creatives you are interested in, click the "Export" button and then View and Download tags" icon.

Follow the statuses

You can see the current state of your creative or campaign with the help of small status flags on the right side of each:

You can hover over it to see the explanation of the statuses, but let's go over a common flow. After your creative is exported, its status is changed from "Draft" to "Waiting for traffic". The statuses may then be:

  • Waiting for traffic - creative has been exported, but it had less than 500 impressions in the last 24h

  • Live - creative had over 500 impressions in the last 24h

  • Paused - creative has been live, but has received less than 500 impressions in the last 24h

  • Finished - creative has been live, but it had less than 500 impressions in the last 8 days or it has been in "Paused" status for more than 8 days

    Campaign only:

  • Archived - campaign has been archived by user.

    Archiving creatives is an exclusive feature. For more information, please contact support.

The same status changes are followed at the campaign level with the caveat that it is a summary of all creatives. For Eg when there is at least one creative "Live", then the whole campaign status is "Live" and the campaign can be "Finished" only when all creatives under it are "Finished".

Please note that when you selected "Google Ads" as the platform then the status will remain "Exported for Google Ads" as we cannot detect any status changes in our platform.

Update live creative

When you have already exported a creative, but need to make a small change (eg reposition the overlay logo asset) then you should:

  1. open that creative

  2. click on the "Click to edit Live Creative" button

  3. make your changes

  4. click on the "Update Live" button

After that, the creative is re-exported, and when the changes were not big (eg you did not change the placement size, platform, global URL) then the ad is changed on the fly. With big changes, we'll notify you that you need to update the tag in the ad network or publisher website.

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