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How to find campaign and creative statistics inside the NEXD Campaign Manager platform

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Getting a campaign performance summary

You can get a quick summary of a campaign's performance from within the main Campaign dashboard. Simply find the campaign you want to view data for and click on it.

This summary view will allow you to view key campaign metrics and info at a glance, without having to dive into the full analytics dashboard.

The summary data is split between mobile and desktop (mobile on the left, desktop on the right) with the impression, click-through rate, and engagement summaries for each.

You'll also see a summary of the live and inactive tag counts for that campaign at the bottom of the summary.

Accessing the Analytics dashboard

If you want to view more detailed information for your campaigns, as well as per creative performance data, you'll want to check out the Analytics dashboard.

To get to the Analytics dashboard, you get either click on the View analytics button at the bottom of the summary or the analytics shortcut to the right of the campaign.

You'll then be taken to the Analytics dashboard where you can select each creative individually from the sidebar on the left.

Getting a detailed analytics summary

Once you've selected the creative from the list, the detailed performance data will be loaded into the main view.

Beneath the creative preview, you'll see the summarised totals for that creative. Those totals include (depending on used platform and company settings):

  • Impressions - Amount of served impressions

  • Tracked ads - Amount of impressions where ad was initiated in end placement (excludes invalid traffic filtration)

  • Loaded Impressions - Amount of impressions where ad fully loaded before the user scrolled past or left the ad

  • Load rate - Percentage of time duration the ad fully loaded before the user scrolled past or left the ad

  • Viewable Impressions - Amount of impressions where 50% of the ad was in view for at least 1.5 seconds

  • Viewability - Percentage of impressions where 50% of the ad was viewable for at least 1.5 seconds

  • Exposure Time (formerly referred to as Dwell Time) - Combined average time an ad is viewable on a page

  • Engagement - Combined average of impressions with user interactions (including video viewing) in the ad

  • Engaged Impressions - Amount of impressions where user engaged (including viewed video) with the creative

  • CTR - Total average click-through rate, the percentage of impressions where user clicked on the ad

  • Clicks - Amount of users that clicked on the ad

Hovering your mouse over each of the totals will give you a short description of how they are calculated.

Customising your charts

By default, the two main charts display data for impressions vs engagement (in the upper chart area) and CTR vs clicks (in the lower chart area).

If you want to customise the data being compared in the charts, simply select your preferred data set from the drop down menu and the chart will update.

Setting the date range

Normally, when looking at creative or campaign data, you are interested in a particular date range.

To set the date range for the information display in the detailed analytics view, look for the Filters section in the left sidebar, then click on the Date range field to open up the date picker.

You can either pick the start and end range from the calendar or use one of the predefined ranges from the options list on the right. Clicking Apply will update the data and graphs in the detailed analytics view.

Viewing performance data for an individual day

To analyse your creative performance data on a day-by-day level, we've included the Performance data table, just below the main Creative summary view.

By default, this table is collapsed to save space in the main dashboard view. To expand it, simply click on it to be presented with your core performance metrics broken do, day-by-day.

Switch to viewable impressions only

If you want to focus in on how your audience is interacting and engaging with your creative, it's probably a good idea to hone in on viewable impressions.

If you want to filter all of the data on display down to just viewable impressions, select Viewable impressions from the Calculate report based on: menu in the left sidebar.

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