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Export to Display & Video 360

See how to insert your creative in Google Display & Video 360 (DV360).

Updated over a week ago

First, be sure to choose the Platform "Google Display & Video 360" in NEXD Campaign Manager.

Second, select and export the creative(s) as usual. You have two options:

  1. you can download one Excel file with all the tags and creative(s') settings
    - or -

  2. manually copy and paste all the tags and their sizes

When you have decided, click on:

  1. "Download as Excel for Google Display & Video 360" button
    - or -

  2. "View tag" link or "Download tag" icon

Create manually

As a full walkthrough:

And the same in simple four steps.

Step 1: Click "New", then "Third-party" and "Third Party tag".

Step 2: Insert the data and tag

Then, to fill the form:

  • Name - Name of the banner

  • Dimensions - the width and height of the ad in pixels

  • Landing page URL - the link to your desired click-out destination

  • Require HTML5 - check the field

  • Third-party tag - paste here the NEXD Campaign Manager Tag

Step 3: Click "Test tag" and check the preview so the creative is working.

Step 4: Click "Save" and you have your awesome ad in Display & Video 360.

Hopefully, it was as easy as it should be.

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