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Learn how to save time by managing your creatives in most optimized way.

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There's a lot you can do with creatives. First, you have to select all or the specific creative(s):


This simply copies the creatives into the same campaign, all assets and options remain as they were. If the creative copied from was already published, the new creatives start with "Draft" status and have no impressions.

Pro tip: When you create multiple creatives with the same assets (eg 3D Cube and Carousel), the most efficient way to do this is to create one creative, upload all assets, and drag them into place. Then duplicate the creative, select the new layout and then drag the assets from the Asset library into their new locations.

Pro tip 2: Users can convert infeed a mobile ad to a desktop ad and vice versa, with all assets and options remaining in place. This will help you create identical ads on both devices. The quickest way is to build one creative and tune it to suit your needs (scale and position assets, select options, add global URL, etc). When it's all good just select Duplicate, and in the new creative, click on the other device.


This removes the creative from this campaign. Please note that you cannot delete a published creative.


This will open the preview site with the selected creative(s).

View tags / zips

This opens up a modal where you will see creatives grouped by platform. You have three different options to work with the published creatives:

  1. You can use the "Download for ... platform" button to download a spreadsheet with each creative name, size and tag. For Adform and Google Display & Video 360 you can directly import these and banners will be created in the platform automatically. For other platforms, the spreadsheet helps you reduce errors in moving data from one platform to another. Either way, this will help you reduce manual work when you have to enter many creatives into another platform.

  2. View the tag, and then select "Copy tag to clipboard" to simplify pushing it to your preferred DSP or website:

3. You can also download each creative zip or tag separately, or all at once:

Note: ZIP is only available for creatives with Google Ads selected as the platform. All other platforms use a tag.

To understand how to use our tags, please read our overview or the in-depth article.

Please note that you cannot view or download tag of an unpublished creative. You can, however, in the "View tags / zips" screen publish any unpublished creatives. Just click on the "Publish Unpublished" button.

Copy / Move

You can copy or move a creative to another campaign. This will allow you to split a bigger campaign into smaller ones, correct mistakes (eg if you unintentionally made a creative under another campaign), hand over creatives from design to adops or client, reuse existing creative in a new campaign, etc. Select the creatives and click the copy/move icon (see above). In the opened modal, select the campaign that you wish the creatives to be copied or moved to. To move, check the "Delete from origin campaign" (notice the heading and button change below). Without that option, the creatives are duplicated to the new campaign.

That's it. If you find that there is something else you want to do with the creatives that will make your life easier, let us know.

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