Using trackers

Trackers are a way to collect what's going on in the creative at some third-party analytics site.

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Trackers are useful in providing captured data to advertisers by revealing valuable metrics that measure online marketing activities, provide creative analysis, and track marketing performance.

Originally, a pixel tracker is a transparent or camouflaged 1 x 1-pixel graphic embedded as an HTML code snippet that loads when a user visits a website or views an email. Trackers that you can add to the creative are sending data to third-party behind the scenes not using pixels or any other HTML code.

You can easily edit multiple trackers in your creative campaign from your campaign’s Creative settings section. Add either or both, Creative or Asset specific tracking to your campaign’s creative.

Note: Adding a not vetted (third-party) Creative tracker for impression events can drastically penalize your programmatic traffic reach. We strongly advise you to use third-party trackers only for interactions. Click to read more here.

Creative tracker

  1. Click on the Tracking tab.

  2. Under the Creative tracking heading, enter the desired URL (previously known as Global Pixel URL)

  3. Click the ⊕ Add icon to enter additional URLs.

  4. Edit the entered Creative tracker by clicking on it. When finished, click outside of the modified input field for the edit/deletion to take effect.

  5. Remove the entered Creative tracker by hovering over it. A ⓧ Delete icon appears on the right top corner. Click on it to remove the URL.

Asset specific tracker

You can as well add a tracker for logo or CTA assets, assets on the side of cube, overlay elements, etc. These assets you can track can be found under Asset specific tracking heading.

Happy tracking! 🤓

Learn about what's in the Extras and Options tabs.

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