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Change Responsive creative different placement sizes
Change Responsive creative different placement sizes

Learn how to add new custom placement sizes to Responsive creatives or modify each placement size's assets and tracking

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As you probably know, Responsive creative is a great solution to easily make a creative that works in a variety of different placement sizes on both mobile and desktop, using one ad tag. The automatic mapping of assets makes it all a walk in a park. Regardless of these, designing a creative that "works everywhere" could be very difficult, sometimes even plain impossible. You may want to:

  • use a vertical logo for a tower placement

  • use a bigger CTA asset for a leaderboard placement

  • remove a card from carousel for a small placement

  • use a different third party tracking for each size

  • add a specific background for a placement

We kindly ask you to start with editing the creative in "Global overview", add the assets, CTA and tracking. That way it works on all sizes and you only have to make small changes in specific size. Eg if you are using Responsive 3D cube and leave the global First media empty, but add asset to 300x250, it is only shown in that exact size. When you run the ad in 300x300, the first side of the cube is empty.

You can do the following modifications to Responsive creative:

  • Switch between different sizes.

  • Add a new asset in a specific placement size. Using a different asset allows you to select an asset that's better suited in a particular placement (eg smaller logo for small placement). Just select the size you want to modify, scroll to the asset, and click on "Upload" icon. You can also drag an asset from Asset library or your file explorer.

  • Reposition or (re)scale an asset in a specific placement size. Changing an asset's position or scaling the asset allows you to better fit the asset (eg use more zoomed-in products in smaller placements). Clicking on "Edit" icon opens the already familiar scale and crop tool.

  • When you need, you can restore the global asset. This will remove the size-specific asset and show the default.

  • You can also remove an asset. Side note: the asset will always remain in the Asset Library, so you can drag it back to the asset slot whenever needed.

  • Use different creative or asset specific click actions or third-party tracking. This will enable to use of different URLs for some placement sizes. You can also better track different placement sizes via third-party analytics tools. Please note that the click action URL and tracker URL fields are empty by default. Empty means that the size uses your Global tracking options. If you need to define for this size an asset-specific URL or creative URL, add them and they will overwrite the global settings.

  • Add custom placement sizes to the predefined sizes. This way you can design and preview that the ad works just as you want. Just click on the "+" icon, enter the placement's width and height in pixels, and a new size is created.

  • You can remove custom placement size by selecting it, then hovering over the size and clicking on the red "x" icon

  • When you have changed an asset or tracking for specific size, in global overview panel you will see "Modified" text after the size

You can do all the above while keeping the main benefit of responsive creative (one tag for many different sizes across mobile and desktop).

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