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How to make sure your ads play nicely with the major ad serving platforms post-GDPR?
How to make sure your ads play nicely with the major ad serving platforms post-GDPR?

A bit of background on why you might experience issues using third-party tags.

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NEXD believes firmly that GDPR is a positive step for the industry. Audiences are becoming more privacy conscious and are more interested in transparency in how their personal data is handled.

In this article, we’ll briefly cover how Google and others are approaching GDPR in relation to third-party ad serving, ad verification and tags.

The short version

If you’re using the Google Marketing Platform (previously also knows as DoubleClick suite) and you’re having trouble getting your NEXD Campaign Manager creatives approved, double-check that no third-party tracking pixels have been included in the tag.

A bit of background

Since GDPR kicked in on May 25th 2018, many digital advertising platforms have been scrambling to ensure they are compliant, or are removing themselves from Europe entirely.

For many of NEXD’s customers, one of the biggest players in this space is Google Marketing Platform.

As of now, similarly to Nexd, Google has integrated with the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework.

We’re delighted to say that NEXD is fully certified to run on Google platforms.

NEXD allows for the inclusion of third-party trackers set up in the platform and directly in our ad tags. It’s important to point out though that if those third-party trackers aren’t compliant, the creatives won’t be approved to run on DoubleClick. End-user consent is required for all ad technology providers associated with a creative for the creative to be eligible to serve. Non-personalized ads can't include third-party pixels or any other calls to third-party ad technology providers or vendors. Creatives with calls to third-party ad servers, or creatives that include non-Google pixels or tag wrappers, will only be eligible for personalized traffic.

Ad verification trackers

One of the hardest-hit areas of the adtech ecosystem, post-GDPR, seems to be ad verification providers. We are still seeing penalties on reach using Ad Verification Providers.

Please reach out to Nexd Support to receive more information on this subject via [email protected] or the chat in the bottom-right corner.

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