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Troubleshooting third-party trackers with the tag validator tool
Troubleshooting third-party trackers with the tag validator tool

Discrepancies in your data? Trouble with your tags? If you’re using third-party tracking, here's how you can troubleshoot those issues.

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NEXD Campaign Manager has the capability to handle third-party trackers. Sometimes these additional trackers can add extra layers of potential failure. Thankfully, we’ve got a couple of very easy things you can check to resolve 50% of issues relating to third-party trackers.

Note: Adding a Global Pixel (third-party impression) tracker can drastically penalize your programmatic traffic reach. We strongly advise you to use third-party trackers only for interactions.

Incorrect syntax

One of the most causes of unexpected results being reported by your third-party tracker relates to something as simple as the characters in the tag itself. This can be caused, for example by copying the tag from one application, like Notepad or TextEdit, into your trafficking platform. 

Or, if your sharing a tag with a co-worker using some kind of messaging app (Skype is a notable culprit of this issue) the app can actually replace certain characters with ones that are similar but incorrect. This can also happen when you copy and paste it from Excel or Word.

To solve this problem, we’ve created a dedicated tag validator tool, that allows you to paste the code from your tag and the system will validate the syntax and report any errors if it finds any. This reduces the likelihood of using a tag that uses broken or missing characters, saving you the pain of data discrepancies.

Missing or incorrect URL

When adding a URL to your creative, or individual assets within your creative, you need to make sure that all of the URLs are correct and there are no typos. This is actually more common than you think. 

Similarly, when adding URLs manually, either in another platform or in a text editor, you should be extra careful with the URLs: double-check them against the source and make sure they are all working URLs.

Please note that the Tag Validator only checks the syntax of the ad tag, not the URLs.

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