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Testing NEXD Campaign Manager on your site
Testing NEXD Campaign Manager on your site

How to test NEXD Campaign Manager tags on your site before going live

Updated over a week ago

Although NEXD Campaign Manager advertisements are tested and work out of the box with many platforms and publishers, there may be channel specific changes that we should go through.

As such, we strongly recommend running the NEXD Campaign Manager advertisement in a test environment, before any campaigns go live.

Testing our advertisements is easy.

Get an NEXD Campaign Manager test tag

First you need to get hold of some testing tags. You can find them here:

From there you can obtain the relevant tags to test mobile full screen ("Full-screen test”) and in-feed ("In-feed 300x250 test") creatives on your channel

The link also includes a video full-screen advertisement (“Full-screen Vertical video test”). Code wise it works like the normal full-screen ad, but you are also free to test it.

The full-screen creative should be inserted as an interstitial and the in-feed ad as a normal 300x250 ad. As we are giving out third party banner tags, then the creatives should be implemented as third party banners.

Also, it is very important that you disable SafeFrame. If SafeFrame is enabled, some of the NEXD Campaign Manager creative’s won’t perform so well, because gyro, scroll or mouse move functionality are limited to function.

If you are noticing any errors or just want us to double check then please insert it to your channel and share a preview link, so we can see that everything is working properly.

To allow the support team to check your channel’s compatibility with NEXD Campaign Manager, please add one of the test tags to your test environment, then send us a preview link. We’ll then be able to run all the necessary tests on our end then report back if any compatibility errors are discovered.

If you don’t have a test environment or if you’re unable to provide a preview link then please target our IP address with the ad. Please contact our support team to obtain the correct IP address.

Also, please disable any geo-targeting you might have for our testing because our team might not be in the same region.

Please note that compatibility testing on your website may take up to 2-5 business days and app testing might take up to 5-7 business days (from when we receive your preview link), depending on the complexity of your site or app.

Let us know if you need any additional help with the setup.

What if I experience errors?

If you experience any errors with the ad on your channel / platform, please provide us with either a test link for the advertisement or target our IP address (you can get this from the support team) with the advertisement and notify the support team.

Please make sure that all geo-blocking disabled and that you give us the correct link to be able to view and test the ad.

If you are not able to target the advertisement and do not see the advertisement in your feed, please open the site in Google Chrome. Then, right click on the page and select “Inspect element”

From the right, click the small mobile phone icon and refresh the page.

Make sure that you have chosen the inspect part of the browser and click Ctrl+F to search the code. Please type NEXD Campaign Manager there and send us a screenshot, even if it did not find anything.

If the advertisement is behaving unexpectedly, please provide us with a screen recording.

If unexpected behavior is exhibited on a particular device, but is behaving normally on others, please provide us with the device make, model and operating system version.

Speed Up The Setup Process By Sharing The Right Information

To make NEXD Campaign Manager setup and integration as smooth as possible, here's a list of things to share and know in advance:

  • Is this the first time NEXD Campaign Manager creatives have been used in your channel?

  • Was the creative published via a platform, such as DoubleClick for Publishers or was it added to the channel directly? If the creative was published via a platform, please provide us with as much information as you can about the platform.

  • Did you add our tag via a third-party placement or HTML banner? If not, please define what possibilities you have.

  • What was the device you used for testing?

  • Does your platform support SafeFrame functionality? If so, is it disabled for our creative?

  • Are you able to provide a test link or target the creative to our IP (ask from our support team for an IP), so our support team can debug and test the creative?

  • Is the creative misplaced in the feed? Is it partially obscured or not appearing at all? If so, please provide the support team with a screenshot.

  • Are assets within the creative too big / incorrectly placed / missing? If so, can you also provide a screenshot of it.

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