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Using Nexd tags in your own placements
Using Nexd tags in your own placements

Whether it's your Mobile application or your website – Nexd tags are supported on all properties

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Nexd tags are distributed with a standardized HTML wrapper that contains a reference to a Javascript element which will unpack the capabilities of Nexd creatives. Every creative has its unique tag to support smaller file sizes and the ability to update them in live.

Example tag

<ins class="adcads" 
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

To learn more about Nexd tags and their parameters read here:

Using Nexd tags on web pages

Using the tag on web pages is very straightforward as it's a native part of any HTML content and will be able to correctly unpack itself.

The main restrictions are that the tag has to be inserted into the page so that the script will be executed. Inserting just into HTML (e.g. element.innerHTML = tag) does not execute the script and one has to execute it via proper methods, for example:

var s = document.createElement('script');
s.src = ''; // This is the script URL from the tag

The above method will execute the script correctly and result in the creative unpacking itself.

Other methods:

  • jQuery or other framework insert functions (these parse the tag correctly so that it will execute)

  • document.write in an iframe or during body generation

  • any other parsing of the HTML content

Also note, if the tag seems to be reacting to the webpage one might need to add an extra variable to the tag data-stay-in-container="yes"

Using Nexd tags on Mobile Applications

As shown in the previous chapter, Nexd is quite easy inside web environments and do not need any extra integrations or SDKs on the website side or the user side.

In Mobile Applications, Nexd tags require a WebView (Ref: Apple or Google) environment which can be solely for Nexd Tag.

For compatibility, Nexd requires:

  • Android SDK API minimum 19, suggested 21+

  • iOS version 8.0+

If WebView container exists, then inserting the tag will allow the creative to execute and unpack itself resulting in a beautiful ad experience.

For any extra questions or concerns please reach out to [email protected]

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