NEXD believes firmly that GDPR is a positive step for the industry. Audiences are becoming more privacy conscious and are more interested in transparency in how their personal data is handled.

In this article, we’ll briefly cover how Google and others are approaching GDPR in relation to third-party ad serving, ad verification and tags.

The short version

If you’re using the DoubleClick suite and you’re having trouble getting your NEXD Campaign Manager creatives approved, double-check that no third-party tracking pixels have been included in the NEXD Campaign Manager tag.

Starting May 25th, 2018, Google stopped supporting third-party trackers.

That may change in the future, but for now, you need to make sure you’re not using any third-party tracking.

A bit of background

Since GDPR kicked in on May 25th, many digital advertising platforms have been scrambling to ensure they are compliant, or removing themselves from Europe entirely.

For many of NEXD’s customers, one of the biggest players in this space is Google's DoubleClick suite.

As of now, Google still has not integrated with the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework. What this means is that, until Google’s IAB integration is complete, on third-party exchanges, Google will only support personalized ads that do not include third-party tracking pixels.

Here’s the full quote for the article on the DoubleClick Help page:

"Until Google’s IAB integration is complete, on third-party exchanges, Google will bid with personalized ads that do not include third-party pixels unless our third-party exchange partner contacts us to put in place a predefined list of third parties for whom they will ensure consent is collected. 

Google will match the list of providers that third party exchanges send with the list of certified third parties in our Ad Technology Provider (ATP) list (certifications process guide) and serve personalized ads where there is a match based on the exchange confirming appropriate consent. 

On Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange, AdMob and AdSense, we will bid based on the vendors for which the publisher has affirmed consent (i.e., the ad technology partners included in the publishers’ settings)."

Firstly, we’re delighted to say that NEXD is fully certified to run on DoubleClick platforms, having started work to ensure compliance well before the end of 2017.

It’s important to point out though that, while NEXD allows for the inclusion of third-party pixels within our ad tags, if those third-party trackers aren’t compliant, the creatives won’t be approved to run on DoubleClick.

Many other providers are still trying to get to grips with GDPR and the IAB’s consent framework. Again, as of the time of publication, Adform are saying that “more information” will follow on the topic.

Ad verification trackers

One of the hardest-hit areas of the adtech ecosystem, post-GDPR, seems to be ad verification providers.

Google has announced that it is going to “evaluate re-certification” of MOAT, Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify. In the meantime, these providers' tags aren’t currently supported by DoubleClick or YouTube (with Google also announcing that YouTube will no longer support third-party ad serving of any kind, since May).


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