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A quick summary of the options that can be changed for each creative.

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All the options described below can be seen under the "Options" tab:

Options are grouped logically and equipped with tooltips for a better overview and understanding. The number and variance of available options depend on:

  • selected layout (eg - only some layouts can be auto-animated)

  • your company plan (enterprise users have more options)

  • whether you are part of our beta-test group (these users have early access to new features, provide us with real-use feedback, and are an important part of making sure our updates include things that are important to users)

Default options

With all layouts (except Still) you can change:

  • Stop all animation - choose whether to stop all video playing, turn off the gesture hint and auto animation after a defined number of seconds, or never. This will help to comply with some publisher requirements or market expectations to reduce motion in ads. By default, the limit is set to off, so the animation does not stop. You can select the animation's max duration between 5-30 seconds.

  • Sensitivity - you can use the slider to specify how sensitive to user action you want the ad to be. After every change, the quick preview is refreshed and you can test the result right away.

  • Gesture - select whether to show how the viewer how to engage with the ad and use its interactivity. It's useful to hint to the viewer that your ad is interactive, but it may hide important graphics and/or text. Please note that with the "Edit" button in the Gesture icon option, you can move the gesture hint from the center of the ad to any place you like.

  • Gesture icon - you can upload a new asset that will replace our default ones. You can also resize or reposition the asset. When needed, you can always revert back to our default.

  • Icon animation - whether the gesture icon is animated or remains still. This is when you want to reduce the number of animated elements in the ad.

Effects & widgets

With most layouts, you can add snow, hearts and custom particles effects, or countdown widget. These can spruce up your winter-themed creatives ❄️ , show love to your ad viewers ❤️ or create a limited time offer clock ⏰ .

Auto animation

3D Cube, 3D Prism, Carousel, Carousel splitscreen, Parallax 3D cube, and Train layouts can be auto-animated. With the first 5, you can switch on Loop animation that will continue auto-animating indefinitely, or Start with spin that will automatically spin quickly one time when the ad is loaded.

Note: You cannot select "Loop animation" when the "Auto animate" option is set to off. It just does not make sense to loop something that is disabled 😉

You can also set the duration of each slide between 1 and 5 seconds.

Train layout will always loop and cannot start with spin. Please also note that you have to disable Gesture (see above) to enable auto animation for Train layout.

Custom close button for interstitial ads

You can set a new Close button, or change its scale or position for interstitial ads. This can be especially useful when you want to use a custom asset for closing the ad or position it differently for a specific market or website. Under the "Close button" simply click "Upload new" or "Edit" to start changing our default asset. And, as always, you can drag the new Close image from your Asset library. When needed, you can also reset the icon to default.

Skip for video ads

Video ads can be skippable, and you can select after how many seconds the ad viewer can skip the ad.

Note: Before using this functionality verify the publisher allows it, as some prohibit blocking a user from closing ads.

Scratch time & brush

When you have selected the Scratch layout, then under "Options" in the "Gesture" section you can pick:

  • Scratch time - select how many seconds the user needs to scratch to fully reveal the bottom asset.

  • Brush shape - change the shape of the "hole" that the ad viewer sees with a gesture or during scratching the ad. Let's say you are advertising a cool drink, you can use the shape of the bottle. When promoting a footwear brand you can use the cutout of the shoe. Simply upload and drag the shape from the Asset library to replace the default one. The shape should be white (cutout color) and the surrounding transparent (so use SVG or PNG files, see our example). When needed you can revert the icon back to default.

  • Brush size - select the size of the brush that is shown when the user scratches the ad.

Controls for carousel

You can add navigation icons to the Carousel layout. This can help you create more engaging ads as seeing navigation clues (eg by using arrow images) may be more intuitive for some users. You can find this in the Options tab under "Controls". Simply click Upload new, or Edit to change our default asset. And, as always, you can drag the new Control image from your Asset library. When needed, you can also reset the icon to default.

Even more options

We are constantly developing, testing, and experimenting with new options. Some of those have been made available for selected companies:

  • Floating - 3D Cube, 3D Prism, and Carousel can be set to not look like it's floating.

  • Advertising notice bars - display advertisement notice bar overlay on top of the ad. The top and bottom bar text can be set separately.

  • Bordered tag - show a 1-pixel black frame around the ad.

Need an option you can't find here or want to use any of the above experimental options? Message us about customization options you are interested in.

Learn about what's in the Extras and Tracking tabs.

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