To spruce up your ad, you can add different particles effect and change a myriad of settings.

When to use this effect?

We believe these effects are especially helpful when:

  • ... you have only one asset. Adding one small icon can really create a difference in engagement and CTR.

  • ... the ad is about an sporting event. Just add a moving ball onto it: ⚽️

  • ... you have a concert to invite people? Add some music icons: 🎵

  • ... there's a holiday or event coming? Show Halloween festivity on the ad with pumpkin: 🎃

  • ... you want to add some social approval? Indicate that people like the product: 👍🏼

  • ... ad needs some emotion? Put a smile on it: 😀

The possibilities are literally endless: 🎈, 🌼, ☀️, ☁️, 💶, ✈️, etc.

How to set it up?

This feature can be found under the "Extras" tab under the "Effects and Widget" heading. You can add up to 3 different particles on an ad:

To add snow to the ad, just click on "Snow":

Want more settings?

For the each effect you can choose the following settings:

  • Object - upload your own asset to show on the ad.

  • Object size - choose the base size of the objects.

  • Randomize size - if you would like the sizes of the objects to vary (up to 50% smaller or bigger than chosen object size).

  • Speed - specify how slow or fast the objects should move on the ad.

  • Opacity - select how transparent the objects are. (The higher value, the more transparent the object is).

  • Randomize opacity - if you would like the opacity of the objects to vary (up to 10% more transparent or opaque than chosen opacity).

  • Density - choose the amount of objects that are animated on the ad.

  • Direction - specify the angle where the objects move to on the ad.

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