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Add snow, hearts or custom particle effect on top of ad
Add snow, hearts or custom particle effect on top of ad

Learn how one small addition can make your ad come alive.

Updated over a week ago

To spruce up your ad, you can add different particles effect and change a myriad of settings.

When to use this effect?

We believe these effects are especially helpful when:

  • ... you have only one asset. Adding one small icon can really create a difference in engagement and CTR.

  • ... the ad is about an sporting event. Just add a moving ball onto it: ⚽️

  • ... you have a concert to invite people? Add some music icons: 🎡

  • ... there's a holiday or event coming? Show Halloween festivity on the ad with pumpkin: πŸŽƒ

  • ... you want to add some social approval? Indicate that people like the product: πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • ... ad needs some emotion? Put a smile on it: πŸ˜€

The possibilities are literally endless: 🎈, 🌼, β˜€οΈ, ☁️, πŸ’Ά, ✈️, etc.

How to set it up?

This feature can be found under the "Extras" tab under the "Effects and Widget" heading. You can add up to 3 different particles on an ad:

To add snow to the ad, just click on "Snow":

Want more settings?

For the each effect you can choose the following settings:

  • Object - upload your own asset to show on the ad.

  • Object size - choose the base size of the objects.

  • Randomize size - if you would like the sizes of the objects to vary (up to 50% smaller or bigger than chosen object size).

  • Speed - specify how slow or fast the objects should move on the ad.

  • Opacity - select how transparent the objects are. (The higher value, the more transparent the object is).

  • Randomize opacity - if you would like the opacity of the objects to vary (up to 10% more transparent or opaque than chosen opacity).

  • Density - choose the amount of objects that are animated on the ad.

  • Direction - specify the angle where the objects move to on the ad.

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