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How can I spruce up my banner ads?
How can I spruce up my banner ads?

Some quick and easy ways to get the very best looking banner ads from NEXD campaign manager

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Today's audience demands the best looking, least intrusive banner ads and now, more than ever, marketers of all shapes and sizes are looking to meet those demands. 

Adding the last little bit of polish to your banner ads has the potential to make the difference between someone scrolling on by or stopping them in their tracks. In this short article, we've compiled 3 things you can do in NEXD Campaign Manager to add that little extra magic, without breaking a sweat.

Stay front-and-center using optional assets

Other than an actual offer, the branding and call to action elements are absolutely vital (and in many cases, mandatory). Making sure your logo and CTA are always in view means that your audience will see it, regardless of how what part of the ad they are viewing.

The good news is, NEXD Campaign Manager makes it nice and easy to add these two core elements, quickly and simply. Another great thing about the optional assets in NEXD Campaign Manager is you can use the position editor to quickly adjust the elements within the asset area.

Pixel perfect image placement with zoom and view positioning

And, while we're on the subject: the cropping tool has a neat feature that allows you to get up close to your creative and fine-tune the image position. Not only can you quickly reposition the asset, but you can also get it to automatically fill the placement area, either vertically or horizontally.

If that's still not enough for you then you can get right in there, by simply zooming in. Place your cursor in the center of the screen and use the scroll wheel on your mouse (or whatever the equivalent is for your machine). Then to focus on a particular area, place your cursor in the grey background area, click, and drag to reposition the view.

Add some sparkle with layer effects

Many marketers want to leverage video and rich media in their campaigns, but don't have access to the resources to do that cost-effectively. NEXD Campaign Manager's layer effects are a fast, effective way of adding that little bit of pizzazz to a creative, at the click of a button.

Currently, NEXD Campaign Manager offers 3 layer effects: snow, heart, and ... custom. The snow effect is great for adding that extra something to winter-themed visuals. While the heart effect works nicely with Valentine's themes. With both effects, you can change the icon that is shown on top of the ad and a myriad of other settings.

Adding these effects is super simple. When setting up your creative, under "Extras" there's a section "Effects and Widgets" where you'll see the "Snow", "Heart" and Custom Particles effects:

Enable the one you want to experiment with. When needed you can replace the default assets with your own by uploading a new one.

Oh, and you can also combine all three layer effects at once if you like. Have fun!

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