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Learn how Nexd can optimize and run your existing banners.
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Although we believe strongly in the superiority of our WebGL technology, you may have some HTML5 ads that you still want to use. You can easily upload your existing HTML5 banner(s) as standalone creatives. We will optimize the assets and the code so it loads faster. After publishing you can see basic analytics (impressions, clicks, engagement) in campaign analytics.

Why import HTML5?

There are a lot of benefits with bringing your existing HTML5 banners:

  • all your ads are managed and analyzed in one place. This will reduce friction when working with different platforms and simplifies your processes.

  • your assets are optimized using our state-of-the-art proprietary AI algorithm. This will reduce the total load size of your ad and will raise their viewability and CTR. A smaller ad size will also help to comply with publishers' requirements.

  • the banners can be shown on all known devices and web pages. We have years of experience with making sure that our ads are displayed on a variety of different hardware and technology.

  • serving via Nexd will lower your overall ad costs for serving. Did you know that Google takes a percentage of your ad budget from a simple serving service? Our price for CPM is a mere half the desktop price.

  • you get a unified tag for all your ads that will put a smile on your ad ops face 😎

In other words, you will secure better results with fewer ad Euros/dollars all while your colleagues are more relaxed and happier.

How to import HTML5?

1. When you are in the creative list view you can find in the header a button "Import" -> "Import HTML5":

2. Drag from your file system to the drop file area or click on the "choose file" HTML5 banner ZIP file:

We will then:

  1. optimize all the images, videos, and code so that it is lighter on the network and faster to load.

  2. read the information in manifest.json. We can import banners made with Google Web Designer, Adform, Mediasmart, etc.

Pro tip: You can select multiple HTML5 banner ZIP files with one upload.

3. Preview the imported HTML5 banner(s). When the banner does not have a manifest.json file then you have to set the creative width and height manually.

Now, all you need is to select a platform (if needed) and export the banner as usual.

When needed you can also replace the banner.

Having troubles?

Please bear in mind that this feature is in beta and may need some troubleshooting. In the unlikely event that the imported banner did not work perfectly, then let us know.


When you do not want to run your HTML5 banners through us, you can still optimize the banners using free of charge Nexd Asset Optimizer.

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