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Learn how to have a landing page experience within an ad using the Lightbox ad type

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This is a new exclusive ad type where the ad starts as any in-feed layout but, when clicked upon, opens as an imported HTML5 responsive page. The ad type is really similar to expandable but has some core differences (the main difference being that the second state is HTML5 import).

Other differences:

  • It can be used both in desktop & mobile

  • First asset is always infeed. Users can enter w x h size values.

  • The second view is always fullscreen; the fullscreen in mobile is not like our usual interstitial.

  • User can only import HTML5 into the second view. No layouts can be chosen.

  • The first asset has a secondary gesture icon that indicates that when clicking on it, there will be a pop-up. Users can modify it in the options panel (users can modify the icon + location).

  • Upon opening the lightbox, the user has an x-button that can be modified in the options panel (upload custom icon & user cannot modify the location).

  • When the view state is shown, it has a dark overlay on all the content to highlight the lightbox.

Important - Lightbox second state requirements:

  1. In the HTML zip package, there must be a file named “index.html”

  2. The HTML content should be designed with best practices in mind for responsive ads*

*This aims to provide a mini-site experience in the second state rather than merely expanding a banner.

Please note that Safe Frame needs to be disabled on your DSP / platform for the creative to be able to expand to a bigger size.

Analytics and click actions:

  • Analytical data is currently available only for the first state and for the transition from first to second state.

  • If you want to add a global click action for your Lightbox ad, then you need to modify your HTML5 file accordingly: read more here.

Example below:

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