Once you have created your Nexd Campaign Manager campaign and added creatives, it's time to publish it.

1. Select creatives

On creative list, check the box next to the creatives that you want to publish, and click the "Publish" button. You can also select all creatives using the small box underneath the campaign's name:

2. Confirm (new creatives)

You'll be be taken to an overview where you'll see a list of all the creatives you're about to publish. If you are updating existing creatives and publishing new ones, these are grouped accordingly. Review the list, and click "Publish" again.

Note: when you have selected creatives that have been previously published, then no confirmation is needed.

3. Copy tags or download ZIP

In the publishing modal you will see creatives grouped by platform, and you can easily view and select "copy tag to clipboard" to simplify pushing them to your preferred DSP or website:

You can also download each creative zip or tag separately, or all at once:

Note: ZIP is only available for creatives with Google Ads selected as the platform. All other platforms use a tag.

To understand how to use our tags, please read our overview or in-depth article.

You'll also receive an email confirming the creatives are published, and an attachment with the tags you've just created.

Update live creative

When you have already published a creative, but need to do a small change (eg reposition overlay logo asset) then you should:

  1. open that creative
  2. click on "Click to edit Live Creative" button
  3. make your changes
  4. click on "Update Live" button

After that the creative is republished, and when the changes were not big (eg you did not change placement size, platform, global URL) then the ad is changed on-the-fly. With big changes, we'll notify that you need to update the tag in the ad network or publisher website.

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