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How should I submit a brief for a NEXD custom creative?
How should I submit a brief for a NEXD custom creative?

If you or your client are interested in a custom-built creative built by NEXD's in-house creative team, here's what you need to know.

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Every custom-built NEXD creative is custom-made with love by our in-house creative team.

This means that fully "standardizing" the design and requirements isn't really possible. 

That said, there are some materials and processes to make the custom ad creation process as smooth and simple as possible.

Required assets

In order for the NEXD creative team to put together a stunning, interactive ad for you or your client, we'll need the following:

  • Campaign graphic materials / design elements (background colors / images, product images, video assets etc)

  • Font files (.otf, .ttf - please note that you or your client will need to have full commercial distribution rights for any and all fonts submitted)

  • Logos

  • Call-to-action button / element design and copy

Pro tip: We accept vector/SVG materials.

The file can be done with any of these graphic editors:

  1. Figma

  2. Open design Adobe Photoshop PSD

  3. Adobe XD

  4. InVision Studio

  5. Sketch

  6. Adobe Illustrator

Layout guidelines

We've put together a few answers to some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to actually designing the creatives themselves:

  • For fullscreen mobile ads, please design all assets for a screen size of 480x854 pixels, 480x960 for high-aspect ratio mobile devices, or as @2x. Read more about different ratio mobile devices.

  • For fullscreen mobile ads, any important content - logo, CTA, copy etc - should be placed inside the content-safe area (480x640 pixels, 480x760 pixels for high aspect ratio) to ensure it's always visible on any screen and in any environment. The actual visible area will depend on the user's device, browser, and media / environment, but important content within the safe area will always remain within the threshold of the maximum and minimum visible areas given above.

  • To help process you can use our Photoshop base.

  • For in-feed mobile creatives, the design should be @2x the desired placement size. Desktop creatives can be @2x the placement size.

  • All mobile ads are displayed in portrait orientation and aligned to the center of the user's device.

Getting help

If you would like to talk about a creative idea or design, please reach out to your Account Manager, email [email protected], or contact us via live chat.

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