Nexd has made some improvements on its platform. Why? The mobile phone market is changing towards bigger screens – about 25% of the U.S. mobile phone market is already on High Aspect Ratio screens. In response, Nexd has introduced new supporting features to the Campaign Manager for fullscreen creatives. This add-on enables creatives to fit perfectly on High Aspect Ratio devices. 

What are mobile interstitial ads?

Mobile interstitial ads are fullscreen ads that overlay the content.

Note: For interstitial ads, we suggest using assets in size 640 x 1280 for best optimization and image quality for both low aspect ratio and high aspect ratio devices. In layouts using multiple tiles, the size of specific assets will vary.

What are safe areas? 

Fullscreen creatives use safe areas to ensure that your ads look great on all devices. Regardless of your audience’s screen aspect ratio. When creating fullscreen ads, keep all important content, like logos and text, within the defined “safe area”, to ensure it appears on the screen correctly.

Your current and past creatives are working seamlessly. Enabling your design team to create interstitial mobile creatives in either Fullscreen Low or High Aspect Ratio placement size.

Comparison between High and Low Aspect Ratio Devices: 

What to consider while creating high and low aspect ratio ads? 

  • When using types Interstitial and Expandable, you'll have the opportunity to choose between Fullscreen and Fullscreen (High Aspect Ratio) placement sizes. 
  • When using the type Interscroller, you won't have the opportunity to choose your own creative size. It'll appear by default in high aspect ratio size. 
  • If you are using regular Nexd Campaign Manager layouts, you don't have to worry about placing CTA button or logo "out of the screen" neither. It'll appear by default in the right place depending on the size of your device and will not "disappear" if the device does not support high aspect ratio. 

Quick Tip: Preview to see creative samples in both Low or High Aspect Ratio. 

Thank you for your time!

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