Release notes 2021-08-10

Stay informed about the latest platform features and updates in v4.36.

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A big number of features and improvements are now available in the Nexd Campaign Manager. The highlights from this release:

Publish renamed to Export

We do our best to help users understand the end result better. As a lot of new users were confused with the "Publish" button/flow, we now distinguish between export and publish. Publish gave you the tag for the creative and some further steps should be done in your preferred DSP to actually push the ad out. So, now under "Export" you can find the usual flow (previously Publish) where to get the tags. The "Publish" button will lead you to the Buy media feature (if enabled).

Custom particles effect

To spruce up your ad, you can now add Custom particles effect and change a myriad of settings. Have you ever wanted to add a moving ⚽️ on an ad? Or add some 🎡 icons? Or show Halloween festivity on the ad πŸŽƒ? Indicate that you πŸ‘πŸΌ the product? Show some πŸ˜€ on it? Some more icons to add to the ad: 🎈, 🌼, β˜€οΈ, ☁️, πŸ’Ά, ✈️, etc. The possibilities are literally endless. This feature can be found under the "Extras" tab under the "Effects and Widget" heading. For the particles effect you can choose the following options:

  • Object icon - upload your own asset to show on the ad.

  • Object size - choose the base size of the objects.

  • Randomize size - if you would like the sizes of the objects to vary (up to 50% smaller or bigger than chosen object size).

  • Speed - specify how slow or fast the objects should move on the ad.

  • Opacity - select how transparent the objects are. (The higher value, the more transparent the object is).

  • Density - choose the amount of objects that are animated on the ad.

  • Direction - specify the angle where the objects move onto the ad.

Map options

There are more options for map layouts. You can choose:

  • Map style - choose how the map should look: greyscale, classic, or night mode.

  • Legend - choose whether to show none, one or three nearest locations on the map.

  • Direction icon - choose whether to show an icon on the map that opens a map app with directions.

  • Distance units - choose whether to show the distance of the location in kilometers or miles.

Move and resize video control icons

You can now position and scale video control buttons. When you have switched on the "Audio button" and/or "Controls" then clicking on the pencil icon will open the Scale and position tool where you can change the size and location on the video.

And other features...

  • We are preparing a unified tag for mobile and desktop, that will allow you to use the same tag for all devices. As a first step, you can see the device split in the campaign analytics pivot spreadsheet. Also, when the creative was used in different devices we bill you according to the real device the ad was shown.

  • When using the buy media feature you can search in the context field and when you create your first ad set all infeed creatives are automatically added into that.

  • To be in line with the changes in the mobile market we removed the option to create low aspect fullscreen creatives. All new fullscreen creatives are high aspect by default. Old creatives are not affected (except the preview). Read more about the low and high aspect ratio.

Thanks for being updated on the latest changes in our platform, and we wish you a fruitful day 🍎

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