The hotspot feature

Add additional information to your ads via hotspots

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The Hotspot feature serves multiple functions, allowing users to provide additional information about a specific product or website, create shoppable ads, and present terms and conditions. With this feature, you can pin hotspots to your ads, which, when clicked, display popup media. Hotspot media can be either an image or a video.

Hotspots can be added to various layouts; however, the ad types are limited to infeed, interstitial, interscroller, expandable and Lightbox ads. The feature can't be used with VAST, VPAID, or responsive type.

Hotspots can be used in several ways; some examples are below:

  1. Make shoppable ads - add product info when clicking on the shoes, T-shirt, perfume bottle, car lights or mirrors, etc

  2. Add recipes to food ads - when clicking on the dish, the user will see the recipe

  3. Add prices of the products on ads

  4. Include information on medications

  5. Make tips and tricks ads for makeup products, e.g., eyeliner, mascara, etc

  6. Add technical information on the phones, washing machines, etc

How to add hotspots to your ads?

Follow these steps:

  • Select the creative where you want to add hotspots

  • Access the extras panel

  • Add up to 6 hotspots per creative

  • Add the hotspot media asset to the designated slot

  • Position and scale the hotspot media within the cropper

  • Add hotspot hints and position them on the ad

  • Customise the animation for the hint object (options include pulse, fade, or none)

  • Include a close icon per hotspot and adjust its position and scale

  • Choose your hint gesture and close icon from the provided pre-made icons in the dropdown menu or upload custom icons as needed

  • Specify the overlay colour and set the desired opacity level

About tracking & click actions:

Analytics and click actions are available for hotspot media and can be added under asset-specific Tracking & Click Actions tabs.

Give the hotspot feature a try, and let us know what you think!

See examples here:

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