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Release notes - Animations, Hotspots & Flight Analytics - November 2023
Release notes - Animations, Hotspots & Flight Analytics - November 2023

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Updated over a week ago

As the end of 2023 draws closer, we are releasing the last updates of the year to you.

We have added hotspots to layouts, an ability to apply an animation to an overlay and specific analytics to view your Flights performance in more detail.


The Hotspot feature serves multiple functions, allowing users to provide additional information about a specific product or website. With this feature, you can pin hotspots to your ads, and when clicked, they display popup media.

Some of the potential ways of using Hotspots are:

  1. Make shoppable ads - add product info when clicking on the shoes, T-shirt, perfume bottle, car lights or mirrors, etc

  2. Add recipes to food ads - when clicking on the dish, the user will see the recipe

  3. Add prices of the products on ads

  4. Include information on medications

  5. Make tips and tricks ads for makeup products, e.g., eyeliner, mascara, etc

  6. Add technical information on the phones, washing machines, etc.

Read more detailed info and an example of the Hotspot feature here.

Overlay animations

You can now animate overlays to either fade in or fade out.

You can set the duration of the animation and also when the object should fade in, e.g. on the 3rd second of viewing the ad and will fade out on the 4th second of viewing the ad.

The CTA of Buy Now fades in and out to draw attention to it

Flights analytics

We released the Flights feature in June, but we have made some additional changes since then.

We've released the ability to pull information into Flights using a pre-made template where you can collate all the necessary parts of your campaigns that will utilize the Flight capability.

Now, we have also adjusted Analytics for you to see more detailed information about each ruleset made in Flights.

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