Overlay animations

How to make animated overlays

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Overlay animations allow to take a more sophisticated approach to ad creation. They offer the capability to animate overlay assets, providing a dynamic and engaging dimension to your advertising campaigns.

Overlays now have the capability to be animated, allowing them to fade in or fade out. Additionally, you can set them on a loop and customize their start and duration times according to your preferences.

To add animations to your overlays, follow these steps:

  • Select the creative where you want to add animated overlays

  • Access the extras panel

  • Add a new overlay or choose an existing one

  • Turn in the Animations toggle button

  • Above your overlay asset slots, you'll find the "Global Animation Settings".

    Choose whether you want your animations to loop and how many seconds should one cycle of animations take

  • You can add up to 6 animations per overlay

  • Choose what animation type you want to use - Fade in or Fade out

  • Add a start time for your overlay animation, indicating the delay before the animation starts

  • Add the duration of the animation, specifying how long the animation will last

  • Keep in mind that the second animation should start after the completion of the first

  • You are all set with your dynamic and visually engaging overlays!

See an example here:

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