First, read more on adding an overlay logo and CTA asset here. 


Perform the following steps to add additional overlay elements in the Creatives setting section after choosing your layout type:

1. Select the Additional assets tab.

2. Observe the Add overlay element button to see how many additional overlay elements can be added to your creative. By default, you can add up to four (4) additional custom assets to each creative type. Once you reach the limit, the add custom assets dialogue option does not appear. 

3. Add a new overlay by clicking on the Add overlay element button, which then reveals the Custom assets field.

Note: After entering a custom title, press enter on your keyboard to save the new title. The name must contain at least one (1) character or else it will not save.

4. Next, drag an overlay asset file into your browser or upload it by clicking on the upload icon. If your upload is unsuccessful, an Upload failed message will appear. If successfully uploaded, the cropping tool window will open.

5. You can align, fit, reset, move, and resize the uploaded asset in the same manner as the overlay CTA. Click the Save button to close the cropping tool. A splash image will be generated in the Creative settings window.

Edit asset

1. Click on the asset’s Edit icon to open the cropping tool. You can adjust the position and size of the asset by clicking and dragging the crop handles or by scaling the image within the placement area. Click the Save button.

2. Edit the overlay name by double-clicking on it. Now enter the new name and press the Enter key on your keyboard to save it.

3. Hover over the overlay box to reveal a Delete icon, which you can click on to delete the overlay asset and its metadata.

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