Add additional overlay elements

Choose additional overlay elements to your creatives.

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First, read on the why and how of adding an overlay logo and CTA asset. Just to recap: overlays are an excellent way to show something on top of the ad, creating a 3D look and assigning different asset-specific click actions.

When and why are overlay elements useful?

They may come in handy in situations where you need to:

  • Add a header, footer, or sidebar image on top of the ad

  • Showcase your different social media accounts with each pointing to different URLs

  • Shield part of the ad with an overlay, eg a frame with transparent inside area

Add an overlay element

Do the following steps to add additional overlay elements in the Creatives setting section after choosing your layout type:

1. Select the Extras tab.

2. Add a new overlay by clicking on the Add overlay element button

3. Give your new overlay element a meaningful name to help you later better understand which element the ad viewer clicked. The name is later shown in the Analytics events table each time a ad viewer clicks on the element.

Note: After entering a custom name, press enter on your keyboard to save the new title. The name must contain at least one (1) character in order to successfully save.

4. Next, drag an overlay image from your Asset library. Alternatively, you can drag the file into your browser or upload it by clicking on the upload icon. After doing either way, the cropping tool window will open.

5. With the cropping tool, you can align, fit, reset, move, and resize the uploaded image in the same manner as the overlay CTA. Click the Save button to close the cropping tool.

Note: Under the Add overlay element button you can see how many additional overlay elements can be added. By default, you can add up to four (4) additional overlay elements to each creative type. Once you reach the limit, the Add overlay element button is not shown.

Edit an overlay element

1. To edit the element's name, click on it. Type the new name and press the Enter key on your keyboard, or click outside the input field to save it.

2. To change the image, drag another image from Asset library or hover over the element and click on the Upload new icon.

3. To adjust the position and size of the image, hover over the element and click on the Edit icon to open the cropping tool. You can click and drag the crop handles or scale the image within the placement area. Click the Save button.

4. To remove only the image, hover over the element and click on the Clear icon. This will remove the image from the ad. Note: the image will remain in the Asset library.

5. To remove the element completely, hover over the element and click on the ⓧ Delete icon. This will remove the element (image and name). Note: the original image will remain in the Asset library.

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