Tracking events for creatives gives you and your team an even deeper understanding of how audiences are interacting with creatives. This knowledge helps you improve users' experience, and ultimately improves your campaign performance.

NEXD Campaign Manager creatives track all of the most important actions a user can take within the creative, and much of this is already available within the analytics dashboard.

This can include, for example, what assets have been viewed the most and which of those have generated the most clicks.

Access events

The full event list can be seen in your analytics dashboard in the bottom of the page. 

You can also order daily event reports to be sent directly to your inbox by exporting the campaign from the analytics dashboard.

Default events

Different layouts use different sets of metrics, but there are events that are shown regardless of layout:

  • CTR - how many users clicked on the ad that directed them to your landing page, so this does not include clicks that interact differently with the ad (eg pausing or unmuting a video).
  • Unique [Hover] - how many users hovered with their mouse over the ad. As you probably guessed, hovering cannot be tracked on mobile devices.
  • Unique [Touch] - how many users touched the ad, including click, swipe, scratch, etc.
  • Unique [Gyro] - how many users used the gyro or motion sensor feature on their phone.

Video-specific events

When you have added video asset(s) to the creative you get the following events for every video asset (named video_1, video_2, ..., video_n):

  • VTR [25...n] - number of users that viewed through the video in percentages. Percentages are in 25% steps: 25, 50, 75 and 100.
  • Play - number of users that played the video (including automatic play).
  • Pause - number of users that paused the video.
  • Mute - number of users that muted the video.
  • Unmute - number of users that unmuted the video.

Page-based layouts

Some layouts have pages, sides, cards, etc that produce special events:

  • CTR Side [1...n] - how many users clicked on the 1st, 2nd or n-th side of the ad (flipbook pages, cube sides, carousel cards, etc).
  • Page seen [1...n] - how many users saw the 1st, 2nd or n-th page of the ad (flipbook pages, cube sides, carousel cards, etc).
  • Navigation Left/Right - number of direction of the first navigation to left or right.

Layout-specific events


  • Scratched – number of users who scratched the top surface.
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