The NEXD Campaign Manager platform supports 4 special call-to-action functions that you can easily add to your creative. These are:

  • Link: Directs the user to your specified URL
  • Call: Tapping on the creative calls the phone number defined in the platform
  • SMS: Sends your pre-defined text message to the number you specify
  • Map: Tapping on the creative opens up the user's maps application and displays the locations you specified in NEXD Campaign Manager

After specifying the basic options for your campaign (name, tags) and creative (title, template, placement size and platform, if applicable), under the TRACKING section you'll find CALL TO ACTIONS.

Changing the CTA type

To change the type of CTA used in your creative, click the drop-down box and select the action type you want to use. As each CTA type requires different information you'll be prompted to enter the relevant details each time you change the CTA type.

Setting up your CTAs

Once you've chosen what type of CTA you want your creative to feature, you'll be asked to enter the info to bring it to life.

You'll need to enter the following information:

  • Link: The URL you would like to redirect the user to when interacting with your creative.
  • Call: Enter the phone number you would like the ad to start calling once the user taps on it.
  • SMS: Enter the phone number and the text message content you would like to send to that number when the user interacts with the ad.
  • Map: The locations that you want to be displayed on the map (NB currently this needs to be done manually, however a future update will add the ability to mass upload location data via CSV file). You should also specify whether you want the map to focus on the nearest location to the user, or show all locations at the same time.

NB! Please specify a fallback URL whenever using any CTA function other than Link. In this case, in the event of a user's device not being able to perform the selected function (say, no SIM card installed) the user will still be able to reach your campaign page.

Setting up your assets

When adding assets to your creative you'll be prompted to open the cropping tool, so you can see exactly how your creative will appear.

Using multiple CTA types per creative

If you have chosen a creative template that contains multiple assets, for example 3D Cube, Pixel Pages and Prism, it's possible to apply different CTA types to each asset. For example, one can open a map, another trigger an SMS, and another a phone call.

To do this, simply pick a template that contains multiple assets. Once you have done so, you will be able to apply unique CTA functions and settings to each asset by selecting them under the "TRACKING" tab.

Currently, the following templates do not support asset-specific CTA types:

In feed Horizontal Panorama
Horizontal Panorama Video (Full screen)
In feed video
Vertical Panorama
Full screen Vertical video
Horizontal Panorama (Full screen)
Horizontal Panorama
In feed Float video

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