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Release notes 2020-07-02

Stay informed about the latest platform features and updates in v4.15

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This article contains description of features that may have changed in further releases. When in doubt, refer to main support articles.

A whole new set of features and improvements are now available in the Nexd Campaign Manager. The highlights from this release:

Asset library

When making or editing a creative, you can see all your uploaded assets in Asset library. It will be floating on the side of the creative for handy use, so you can easily drag & drop them into specific asset slots:

  • You can upload or drag & drop all assets in one go via Asset library. That makes your creation process much quicker.

  • If you upload a new asset to the Asset library with the same file name as an existing asset, you will be asked whether you'd like to replace the asset or add as new. When you choose to add as new, then we will put "copy" to the end of the name so you know what's new and what's not.

  • It's possible to delete assets from Asset library. If the asset is currently in use, we will notify you that the asset has been removed from the creative. If you remove an asset from asset slot it will remain in the Asset library so you can (re)use it as needed.

  • You can still use each asset slot's Upload icon, or drag&drop assets to specific asset slots as before.

  • Pro tip: When you create multiple creatives with the same assets (eg 3D cube and Carousel) then create one creative, upload all assets, drag them into place, duplicate the creative, select a new layout and then drag them into place again

Other updates

  • We have restructured the Options panel to be more logical and easier to follow. All options are categorized under auto animate, behavior, video, gesture and effects headings.

  • When viewing campaign or creative analytics, you can select whether you want to include first quartile video viewing (VTR25%) in engagement calculation. By default, it is included. Note: we have collected data from 1st of July 2020, so you can choose this option only when reporting date is after this date.

  • Preview site shows more accurate initial and total load size for all creatives. For published creatives this is per byte exact, but for not published creatives it is projected.

  • When you are logged in and previewing a creative you can go to analytics page with using buttons on the toolbar

  • We have improved our algorithm to detect scroll event better (according whether the user is engaging with the creative or with the content).

  • And 10+ small improvements.

Thanks for being updated on the latest changes in our platform, and we wish you a fruitful day 🍊

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