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Release notes 2020-10-29

Stay informed about the latest platform features and updates in v4.22

Updated over a week ago

A small number of features and improvements are now available in the Nexd Campaign Manager. The highlights from this release:

  • Creative animation can be stopped. This will help to comply with some publisher requirements or market expectations to reduce motion in ads. You can choose whether to stop all video playing, turn off gesture hint animation and auto animation after a defined number of seconds, or never. By default, the limit is set to off, so the animation does not stop. You can select the animation's max duration between 5-30 seconds.

  • To help you create good quality ads, you will see a notification when changing placement size. It will suggest you preview the creative and re-edit the assets to achieve the best quality and load size balance. You must also confirm when removing an asset from an asset slot to reduce unwanted results. In the unlikely event that you did make a mistake, you can always drag the asset from Asset library back to the correct asset slot.

  • When you download the campaign analytics spreadsheet, you will find daily split right in the summary sheet.

  • And 20+ small improvements

Thanks for being updated on the latest changes in our platform, and we wish you a fruitful day 🍈

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