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Release notes 2020-02-11

Stay informed of the latest features and updates with v4.7

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This article contains description of features that may have changed in further releases. When in doubt, refer to main support articles.

A new set of features and improvements are now available in the Nexd Campaign Manager (CM). Here are some highlights worth mentioning in this release, you’ll now be able to:

  • Use the new scale and crop tool to visualize existing assets in your creative, allowing you to instantly preview the logo overlay and CTA overlay layers with other assets. You’ll also have options to turn off a layout grid, see your creative’s mobile phone aspect ratio safe areas, and view sample browser bars. Read more here.

  • See your collaboration campaign owner’s name in the campaign dashboard.

  • Edit multiple pixel trackers more easily. Read more here.

  • See the following warning displayed in CM for adding global pixel trackers: “Adding a Global Pixel (3rd-Party Impression) tracker can drastically penalize your programmatic traffic reach. We strongly advise you to use 3rd-party trackers only for interactions.”

  • Add an additional asset overlay. Read more here.

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