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Release notes 2020-03-16

Stay informed about the latest platform features and updates in v4.9.

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This article contains description of features that may have changed in further releases. When in doubt, refer to main support articles.

A new set of features and improvements are now available in the Nexd Campaign Manager (CM). The highlights from this release:

  • When you publish your creatives you can download them as standalone ZIP files that can be used in Google Ads and other closed ecosystems that only support contained creatives. Please note that you are not able to see any analytics in Nexd Campaign Manager, you only see data in the other (like Google Ads) ecosystem. You are able to add tracking as it’s added in Google ad manager, but have to be sure that you have consent for the thirdparty tracking.

  • Now you can use GIF files in all layouts that support video. In the background, we convert the GIF animation to optimized video to reduce load time and enhance user experience. This update means you can use our platform to serve your existing GIF ads or combine your GIFs with our interactive layouts that support video. Serving your existing GIF ads through Nexd makes your ad super lightweight, giving you a better overview of all of your campaigns in one place. In addition, you can add logo and CTA assets and up to 4 overlay images on top of the ad or use any of our video background options (see below).

  • Creative analytics has gone through a redesign to help you have a faster and better understanding of the performance of your ads. The creative metadata is organized, and different impressions (tracked ads, viewable impressions, loaded impressions) are hidden in first view for better readability. Engagement event results are shown with a bigger font and as line graph. They are also more visible on the interaction timeline. When a creative has multiple videos, their data is separated to enable more in-depth analysis.

  • Through [email protected] you can now let us know which campaign results you want to automatically receive (or have sent to your client) daily, weekly, or when campaign ends.

  • VAST video ads now can have different event pixel URLs so you can use third party trackers to better collect and analyze your campaign results. We support 13 new events described in VAST 3.0 specification including: creativeView, start, firstQuartile, midpoint, thirdQuartile, complete, mute, unmute, pause, rewind, resume, closeLinear and skip. Adding a Global Pixel (3rd Party Impression) tracker can drastically penalize your programmatic traffic reach. We strongly advise you to use 3rd party trackers only for interactions (eg mute, unmute, pause, rewind, resume, closeLinear, skip).

  • And last, but not least, our ad files are now even smaller (read: even better load rates) due to back-end optimization where we only compile the exact piece code needed to show this specific ad.

Have questions or concerns? Contact our support team at [email protected]

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