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Release notes 2020-03-03

Stay informed about the latest platform features and updates in v4.8.

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This article contains description of features that may have changed in further releases. When in doubt, refer to main support articles.

A new set of features and improvements are now available in the Nexd Campaign Manager (CM). The highlights from this release:

  • See a more intuitive Nexd Analytics menu, as the side bar has been revised. We also added a sticky bar on the bottom of the page. Your date selection, timezone and calculations always remain visible when viewing analytic data.

  • Download a .zip file with demo assets from your chosen layout in CM. Use the demo assets to get a better idea of how your creatives should be designed during the build process. When choosing your layout from the Layout Gallery, click the Demo assets text to initiate the download. You can also initiate the download from the Ad Creatives view by clicking on Demo assets.

  • Add a background image to a video asset in the Scale and crop view. Edit your background image from the Creative settings view and choose Background image item. You can upload, scale, crop and move your image, then click Save to return to the Creative settings view. You can edit, delete or re-upload the image as needed.

  • Immediately choose a layout type that supports both image and video, rather than having to individually select the Images or Videos button in the Layout Gallery. All layouts have a small icon that shows whether it supports video and/or image. For greater efficiency, check the Video filter box on the left side in the Layout Gallery to display a list of all video supported creative types. There is also a filter for Images only, to show layouts that do not support video.

  • Enterprise clients can see their running monthly balance (updated weekly) in the Profile, under My Plan & Billing section

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