Release notes 2021-05-21

Stay informed about the latest platform features and updates in v4.32.

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A small number of features and improvements are now available in the Nexd Campaign Manager. The highlights from this release:

  • When buying media via us, you can now target different contexts. You can select which specific categories or subjects you'd like your ads to be shown near. This is a structured list of different categories based on website content.


  • When editing buy media campaign adset you can see a quick overview that shows the period, budget, and settings of it.

  • We wrote a short sample script to enable gyro on the publisher site. Feel free to reuse it and let us know if you are having difficulties setting it up.

  • And 3 small improvements

Thanks for being updated on the latest changes in our platform, and we wish you a fruitful day 🍍

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