We’re always making changes to improve Nexd, and we’ve taken a few more steps forward, with the aim of helping you. We’ve made some recent improvements to the Nexd Campaign Manager. 

What's new in Nexd?

New features:

  • A new view has been created, enabling users to see statistics for their current subscription, view invoices, and edit their subscription settings.
  • User sees creative type in the list of creatives.
  • User sees notification about interscroller placement size. The notification now says: "Placement size is the visible area purchased on the website. The size of the creative is set to 640 x 1140px, which covers the full screen on most popular mobile devices, and it is revealed when the user scrolls through the page."
  • User can see VAST/VPAID creative results on analytics page. These can now be judged on their performance as part of a campaign.
  • A scroll gesture has been added when the Interscroller ad type is used.

Thank you for your time! 

Your NEXD team.

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