Whether you're an existing next customer or looking for a new creative management platform for your rich media campaigns NEXD's product team has an exciting collection of updates for you.

If it's more layout types you're looking for, we've got you covered. Want to streamline team management? Yup, that's been overhauled too. Desperate for an easier way to pay your invoices? Oh, wow, are you in for a treat.

What's new in NEXD?

  • Carousel Layout
  • Organization management
  • Credit card payments
  • Subscription pricing

Carousel Layout

You've been able to choose from several multi-asset mobile (and desktop) ad formats for some time, but one that was missing was a simple carousel.

So, we've added a new carousel layout to the NEXD campaign manager dashboard. It's just a simple as all the other layouts: drag-and-drop your assets, setup your tracking, publish and you're away.

To help get you started, we've put together this helpful article on how to make the perfect carousel ad, including best practices, asset template PSDs and more

Touch-based interactions are leading the way, in terms of device support and what you, NEXD's customers, want to use in your campaigns. As a result, we'll be focusing a lot more on touch-based layouts in the future.

Organization management

"Teamwork makes the dream work" as they say, which is why we've given extra-special attention to the organization management tools available with NEXD.

To help you quickly add users to your team, update user roles, edit billing info (more on that in a second) and update company details, we've created the My Organization view, inside the profile page.

The user profile page has also seen some changes to accommodate these updates. From here you can add a profile image, update your password and check your account permissions.


Credit card payments

We get it. 

Sometimes even the best of us forget a bill here and there and, to be honest, up until now it's not been as easy as it could be to pay your NEXD invoices.

To help cut down on the confusion, we've added the ability to automatically pay your invoices by adding a credit card to your organization's account.

If you add a credit card, at the end of the billing cycle your card will be automatically be billed, removing the risk of unpaid or overdue invoices.

Currently, adding a payment method to your NEXD account is not mandatory for existing customers and only applies to customer on a subscription-based plan - although new customers will need to add a card to continue using NEXD after their trial period has expired.

Subscription pricing

Starting today, NEXD is rolling out an all-new tiered subscription pricing structure for new customers.

We feel this helps our customers understand, very early on, the class of product they'll be getting when becoming a NEXD partner. 

Not only that, but as the platform has grown and developed, so have the resources required to continue that growth.

This new pricing structure will allow us to continue to deliver the kind of product our customers have come to expect.

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