Today's release sees improvements to the new NEXD Campaign Manager preview site and various bug fixes.

Below is the complete list of updates the NEXD team has delivered:


  • Set any color as a template background color for templates that support background color configuration
  • Set any background color and any text color for global CTA bar
  • Set any background color and any text color for asset specific CTA bar


  • Create name tooltip is not fully visible
  • Fix for selecting/deselecting all creatives in creatives list
  • After copying A/B group, display distribution can be configured now
  • QR code is now updated if user views multiple creatives quick preview in creatives list
  • In Campaigns list page sorting by number of creatives is now working also on Safari and Firefox
  • After duplicating creatives, assets on duplicated creative are not deleted anymore

Thank you for your time!

Your team NEXD.

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