Today's release sees improvements to the new NEXD Campaign Manager preview site and various bug fixes.

Below is the complete list of updates the NEXD team has delivered:


  • Added viewability for creatives analytics chart, from "loaded / viewable" report data
  • "Login page", "login", "registration" and "forgot password" new layout
  • Change of the original ratio for cropping and image size
  • A/B testing is in the creatives section now
  • When creatives added to A/B testing, "disable platform" and "placement info" change
  • Possibility to break A/B test group to standalone creatives


  • Fix for slow Internet connection issue, when creating multiple creatives
  • Fix for displaying CTA bar in Campaign Manager preview dialog
  • Fixed global assets sizes for desktop creatives.
  • Fix for assets illogical sizes

PREVIEW SITE (Version 2.3.)

  • Adblocker notification is displayed if adblocker enabled
  • Display creative total size additional to initial load size (important for video creatives)
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