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Release notes - Dashboard, Team Library and UX edits - January 2024
Release notes - Dashboard, Team Library and UX edits - January 2024

Bigger updates to the Campaign Manager experience

Updated over a week ago

Structural changes to the NEXD platform - the addition of Dashboard and Team Library.

The new year brings some major additions to the NEXD platform. We have moved away from a singular working space structure to having multiple tabs that hold different relevant information.

In addition to the Campaign Manager that you are already familiar with, we have added a “Dashboard” and a “Team Library” tab. We will go deeper into both in the product update below. Additionally, we have had some minor functional and visual changes which are addressed at the end of the update.


We have created a central space for our platform - the “Dashboard”.

The “Dashboard” holds important data for your team, such as total impressions, CTR rates and CO2 savings stats. In addition to that, we have created a news feed that will show you tips and tricks and help you keep up with the latest platform updates.

Currently, the Dashboard has four different date filters that you can apply:

  • This month

  • Last month

  • This year

  • Last year

In the future, we are looking to add an option to select a custom date range, but for now, those presets are available.

The CTR, engagement and layout statistics you see on your Dashboard, are company-wide, meaning this is a very top-level view, for details, the best place to view is still Analytics.

The 'Top Creatives' section has a filter set that allows the current user to see the data on those creatives only that the user has access to. Admin's will see collated data.

Team Library

You might be familiar with our asset library, where you can put your files before assembling a creative. However, so far, this has only been specific to the person doing the build.

We have now added the feature of a ‘Team Library’, which allows you to share your files within your team right here on the NEXD platform. To do that, we have created a dedicated storage space. The Team Library is a space for your team, where you can upload files that you want to use across different ads, campaigns or customers. Whether it is a simple CTA button or a complex video asset, you can upload it to the Team Library and access it in every creative without having to reupload it.

The Team Library tab

The Team Library tab has two aspects to it - one is the tab view “Team Library” where you can manage the files inside the library and the other is the creative view, where you can use the said assets.

The main view in the tab

The main view of the Team Library tab is where you can manage the account's video and image assets. You can navigate to the “Team Library” tab from the top bar. In the “Team Library” tab you can upload new files, delete existing files and rename files. You can also create folders, up to 5 layers deep, and move files between folders.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to access the “Team Library”, upload files to the “Team Library” and how to rename those files.

Creative view

On the other side, the creative view is where you can access the library content while editing your creative.

That’s where the value of the Team Library really shines. In the creative view, you can now navigate between two library tabs, regular Asset Library and Team Library. In the Asset Library tab, you can still see the files that you have uploaded for this specific creative only.

When you navigate to the Team Library tab, you can see all the assets that have been uploaded to your team library and you can use them in the creative that you are working on.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to access the Team Library in creative view and how to get files from the Team Library to your creative.

Team Library FAQ

What happens if I delete a file in the team library?

The team library acts as a storage space for your files. If you delete a file in the library, it is removed from the Team library and can only be restored by reuploading. If you have used this file in your creatives, the creatives remain untouched.

To avoid a situation where someone accidentally deletes a file that is used in a creative we have made it so that whenever you use a file from your team library in any of your creatives, we make a copy of it into the creative storage so that the creative remains intact no matter what happens to the file in the team library.

Can I edit a file in the Team library and have it changed in the creatives that it has been used in?

At this point, we don’t have this functionality. The team library acts only as a storage place and the files in it are not connected to the copies of the files that you use in your creatives.

This functionality is something that we will look into in the future in case you, our customers, show interest in it.

What file types can be uploaded to the team library?

File types that can be uploaded to the team library are the following: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .svg, .gif, .mp4, .mov, .csv, .xls, .xslx and .zip.

Are there size limitations to the files in the team library?

Currently, there is no size limit to the files that you can upload to the library.

Does accessing the team library require any specific permission?

No, at this point we have made it so that anyone in the organization can access the team library and perform all the actions within the library.

Is the team library included in all the plans?

Yes, while the team library is in its current beta state, it will be included in all the available plans. The availability of the “Team Library” in different subscription plans might change in the future.

Other smaller UX changes

Profile changes

We have made some visual changes to personal and company profile pages. We removed some of the clutter and made it easier to interact with.

Bulk edit

In bulk edit modal, you can now add multiple tracking URLs or replace the existing ones. This is useful when you want to amend the tracking URLs of multiple creatives at the same time. To make it more easily understandable we have created the following example with two different scenarios:

First scenario - Add a URL

Creative 1 has 0 tracking URLs

Creative 2 has 1 tracking URL

You choose to edit (add option) 1 tracking URL with bulk edit, then

Creative 1 has 1 tracking URL

Creative 2 has 2 tracking URLs

Second scenario - replace the URL

Creative 1 has 0 tracking URLs

Creative 2 has 1 tracking URL

You choose to edit (replace option) 1 tracking URL with bulk edit, then

Creative 1 has 1 tracking URL

Creative 2 has 1 tracking URL (the one it has is replaced with a new one)

Soon you can expect the NEXD product development roadmap for the first half of this year. There we will explain in detail what we plan to focus on in the foreseeable future and how it will change the platform.

If you would like to meanwhile share some feedback on the NEXD product, feel free to book a time with our product team through this link: Product team calendar

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