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Release notes - Layout and UX changes - August 2022
Release notes - Layout and UX changes - August 2022

New options and added comfort for Campaign Manager platform.

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If you are reading this, you already use our platform with great success. However, there are always options on how we can make your experience even smoother and more pleasant. That’s why we have tweaked the usage of some of the capabilities in the Campaign Manager. Things that have changed:

Keep reading to find out what they are and how they will make your work easier.

Social to Display Changes

Among the many options you can choose from the layout gallery, one is called social to display, read more about it here. It enables you to convert an existing Facebook post to a programmatic placement with little effort.

If this is something you have not tested yet, you’re in luck, you get to try out the updated version straight away.

There are two parts to the social to display creative creation, the first option is to import an already existing Facebook post from a page you manage or second, if you don’t have access to a page, you can create a placement that looks like the post on Facebook.

In order to access the lookalike creation previously, you had to click new creative and choose the Social to Display from layout gallery to import the actual existing post, and to pull in the actual post from Facebook you had to use the Import button to choose Import from Social. Now, however, whichever route you choose you can do either in the same place. The default option is to use the actual Facebook post or just scroll down and choose Skip import and continue making a placement that looks like a Facebook post.

Ability to add more assets to layouts

In order to give you more creative freedom, we have freed up the restrictions on how many media files you can add. Queue, Deck of Cards, Slides, Carousel, Carousel Splitscreen and Flip Book layouts now allow you to add up to 35 files. This will permit you to create creatives that give the look and feel of a catalog. However, it’s important to note that adding more assets, the size of the file will go up as well.

Search by layout

You can now search layouts from the search bar in Campaign Manager, it will enable you to quickly find all campaigns that use a specific type of a layout.

Just select a type of layout from the drop-down and click "Apply filters". Now only campaigns that include the layout type selected remain in view. When you open one of those campaigns and click "Manage creatives", the layout filter remains active. Only the creatives with the chosen layout type in each campaign are shown.

It's a long awaited feature and makes it much easier locating specific layout examples when needed. Just select the layout type from the drop down menu, apply filter and all campaigns that use that type of layouts will be shown in the list.

User dashboard tabs have moved to the sidebar

The last change we have made is for the Campaign Manager admins.

If you are either an Admin, a Moderator or a Manager you are able to view the dashboard of other users in your organization. Previously, these dashboards could be accessed from the top navigation bar clicking on the + (plus) sign, this has now been moved to the collapsible sidebar to let you work on your campaigns uninterrupted. On the sidebar you can add users to your list or also remove users from that list.

This enables you to keep the user dashboards in the sidebar without having to navigate elsewhere. You can easily switch between views, allowing you to keep an eye on things others are working on. It’s especially useful should a member of the team be on leave and you need to access their work.

Draft and live file size comparison

Previously in the Campaign Manager under the creative you were working on, you saw a note that told you the load size of the said creative. However, we felt it wasn't clear enough, therefore we broke it down to a more understandable format.

Previous view

Previous view 👆

Now we have divided the above note about the load size into two parts. The live creative size is displayed only after you have exported the tag.

  • Draft size shows you what your initial and approximate total file load size is while you are building the creative.

  • Live creative size shows what it would be once you have exported the tag from the Campaign Manager.

Initial load size is the polite size of loading the ad without fully rendering all image sides and buffering the whole video.
Total load size means how much is the maximum load size when the user watches through all the creative and its video(s).

Nexd buffers all of its video media to limit the size needed by the viewer on its initial load and have a more bandwidth-safe viewing experience.

Outside of bigger bits and bobs, with this release you can also expect:

  • Creative analytics views to load faster

  • VAST publishing to become significantly faster

  • General improvements in platform speed

That’s all for now, happy testing and using.

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