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Release notes - UI changes - January 2023
Release notes - UI changes - January 2023

New UI changes to make your work easier and more comfortable

Updated over a week ago

We have made numerous changes to our Campaign Manager UI to help you create and manage creatives more efficiently. Read about all updates below!

  1. New campaign and creative list view

    New and more compact views for the campaign and creative lists. The new views make it easier & faster for users to manage bigger accounts and campaigns.

    Improved Campaign view:

    Improved Creative list view (user can see thumbnails of each creative):

    • Instead of having the creative list open at all times and moving between creatives inside the list by scrolling down or up, you can now move through the breadcrumb menu at the top or from the sidebar.

  2. Improved filtering logic for list views

    In addition to the new list views, we have improved our filtering logic. You can use sorting campaigns/creatives simply by clicking on the column header, such as "campaign name", to sort them in alphabetical order. Other filtering components have remained the same but have become more compact under the Filter button.

  3. Bulk update

    You can select creatives that you want to update and be able to do so more efficiently rather than going to each of them one by one. Things you can update in bulk:

    • renaming of creatives (which is needed when duplicating creatives)

    • updating of trackers

    • change of DSP

    • add or update click actions

    You can change creatives by choosing the preferred creatives, clicking the "Edit selected creatives" pencil icon from the header of the creative list and finally choosing the parameter you wish to edit.

  4. Users can schedule reports

    You can choose the time they receive reports and are able to edit them. You can choose the frequency, start date, time and timezone. In addition, you can send out the report to multiple recipients and in multiple report types instead of just one. After opening the "Scheduled reports" modal in Analytics, when there are no scheduled reports, there's a possibility to create new ones, but if there are reports available the modal will show the details and you have the possibility to either edit them or create new scheduled reports.

  5. Swap assets between slots

    You can swap assets between slots via drag & drop using the arrow icon. Previously, you had to remove the wrong asset from a slot and upload the correct one. Therefore, this update is a game-changer for time-saving!

  6. Scratch layout: play the video after the scratch

    Scratch layout now has the option to start playing video after scratch has finished.

    You can use the toggle to autoplay the video after the creative has been fully scratched, otherwise starts when only a small part is scratched. The "Autoplay after scratch" toggle can be found under Options -> Behaviour

  7. Scratch layout: top layer as video

    Earlier it was possible to only add images as the top layer on a scratch layout but now you can also use videos or gifs as the surface media. An example can be found here:

    interactive ad of a scratch video layout

  8. Duplicating a campaign/creative taking too long

    Previously when you duplicated a campaign/creative, you couldn't continue your work in CM before the loading was done. Now the duplication won't interfere with the workflow and you can continue to use CM while the duplication is in progress.

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