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Release notes - CM changes - May 2023
Release notes - CM changes - May 2023

Campaign creation now through modal, folder collabs and other changes to UI.

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In May, some big updates were done in CM; one of the more significant ones was the addition of Folders. With the addition of Folders, we also made some other changes. More on those below.

Creation Modal

When creating a new campaign or a folder, a creation modal will open on the right, where you can set your campaign or folder name, owner, collaborators, keywords and advertisers. Refer to the Folder article linked above for user permissions for various rights.

To make edits, you still have to click on the pencil icon.

This modal change was created to give quicker access to existing campaigns.

Entering the Creative Size

One of the more frequent questions in our Support inbox is, "Can I choose a custom creative size?". The answer is YES!

To clarify this function, you can either type in your desired creative width and height or choose from the drop-down as previously.

Sharing and Collaboration Rights

We also edited the way collaborating happens within Folder and Campaigns settings.

When adding a collaborator to your campaign, users can share both entire campaigns and folders. Only the campaign is visible in the dashboard (outside of the folder) when the campaign is shared but not the folder.

Admins see all folders in the Organization view, regardless of whether they relate to the campaign. Users can share both entire campaigns and folders.

Everyone can add and move creatives, campaigns and folders they have been added to, not depending on their role.

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