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Release notes - Folders - April 2023
Release notes - Folders - April 2023

Addition of Folders to Campaign Manager for better organization

Updated over a week ago

We've added a folder function to the Campaign Manager to help you organize your work better and navigate smoothly within all your materials.

There are two distinct types of folders inside CM:

- Campaign Folders &
- Creative Folders

The Basics - Folders

Users can now organize campaigns and creatives into various folders to make it easier to sort content by theme, company, season etc.

On top of the lists is a new button, "New Folder," where you can create and rename new folders. The content of the folder can be seen when clicking either the folder icon before the folder name or when clicking on the arrow sign at the end of the element. The rounded bubble on the folder icon shows the number of items in the folder.

  • In campaign list folders, the number indicates how many campaigns are in the folder.

  • In creative list folders, it indicates how many creatives are in the folder.

Campaigns and creatives can be divided into folders with either a drag-and-drop feature or by simply ticking the campaign, going into the "Move to folder" modal and selecting a folder to which you wish to transfer the campaign.

Campaign Folders

You can make the folder in your dashboard and share it with collaborators. Owner/collaborator/admin can also make folders inside of folders.

Collaborators and admins can create new folders, campaigns and creatives inside folders. If you’re the campaign owner, an admin or a collaborator, you can put a campaign inside a folder and move campaigns out of the master folder.

User collaborators can't add collaborators to the main folder and can't change the name of the master folder; only the admin/owner can do that. A collaborator will see folders created on the organisation tab. However, collaborators can move files in and out of the folder.

Users will not see folders they have not created, or that have not been shared with them in the organisation tab.

You can remove folders/campaigns from the main folder with the “Remove selected items from folder” button or move folders/campaigns between different levels with the “Move to folder” button.

You can also share a folder.

  • You get a notification when a folder has been shared with you.

You can create a campaign and then move it to a folder or go inside the folder and create the campaign there.

When moving your campaign to someone else’s folder, the campaign owner doesn’t change, but everyone who has access to the folder can change the campaign.

If a folder owner's user is disabled, the folder will move under the organization.

Creative Folders

The process of making a creative folder is the same as making a campaign folder.

Everyone who has access to the campaign folder also has access to the creatives. You can't share individual creatives from inside the folder; you have to share the campaign folder.

You can move existing creatives in between folders or create a creative when in a specific folder.

Moving creatives or campaigns in/between Folders

After clicking the Move to Folder button, you can see the same-level folders first and then move creatives or campaigns in or out of them.

Folders permissions

When adding a collaborator to your campaign, the folder the campaign is in will appear under the collaborators' campaign list. Users can only share campaigns and not entire folders. When the campaign is shared but not the folder, only the campaign is visible in the dashboard (outside of the folder).

The collaborator will only see the Campaigns within the Folder they have been added to. Only a specific campaign shared with a Collaborator will appear for them, not the whole folder. A user can share an entire folder if they themselves are an owner of the said folder.

Collaborators can edit current creatives/add new ones, or add new folders within the shared campaign.

These permission settings were done to better the workflow. Folder Owner can set all the right users to a folder.

Analytics and preview

Folders aren’t available in analytics or the preview site. Folders can be used in preview sites to some extent, but only on the creative list level. For example, if you create a folder inside a campaign, add creatives and go to the preview site, you’ll see the content of that folder, but you won’t be able to switch between folders.

This view, on the picture above, opens if you click 'Preview Site' when in your Creative folder. You won't see creatives from other campaigns or folders here.

Deleting Folders

Only an empty folder can be deleted when it comes to deleting the folders! If you wish to delete a folder, move all items out or delete items inside the folder first.

Removing items from Folders

Campaigns and creatives can also be removed from the folder, but please note that this action moves the item to the original campaign or creative list and removes it from all folders.

In the creative view, you can also see all your creatives with a thumbnail. This also helps you navigate your campaign materials better.

Admin account

An Admin and an Owner can edit campaign keywords/collaborators/names/advertisers.

An Admin will see all folders under an organization, even if they're not an owner of those folders.

Other information

This update won't affect analytics and any preview sharing or links. Also, keyword and advertiser assigning remains on the campaign level.

If you have a feature suggestion, get in touch through the chat button to your right!

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