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Release notes - New layout & reporting - February 2023
Release notes - New layout & reporting - February 2023

A new layout and improved report downloading

Updated over a week ago

We have a few more updates for you!

Some of you were asking for a simple layout that would allow you to combine just a video and image asset. Please welcome the "Splitscreen" layout.

Also, we made downloading an Analytics report easier for you as well.

New splitscreen layout

The splitscreen layout consists of 2 main media elements and 1 optional background. The main media can be either an image or a video, so this is an opportunity to serve more video campaigns or combine an image + video asset into one ad.

This is a great layout to add a key visual or more information alongside the video or use two images / two videos next to each other.

Check out an example below. This ad utilizes the option to have a background, one video asset, and one image asset (the image asset had the picture of the product and price combined).

Improve downloading and wording on Analytics reports

Downloading analytics reports is now more convenient and faster.

Similarly to the release notes we sent out last week, where we announced that you can now continue your work while a campaign is being duplicated in the background (8th point in the release notes), we also have an update for report downloading. Now there's also a choice to continue working in the Campaign Manager while your report is downloading in the background.

After selecting the preferred report you wish to download, a window gives you 2 choices - you can either wait for the same as usual, or you can dismiss this window to continue working in CM. You will get a notification with the download link once it is ready.

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