On the 13th of October we had our minor self-service platform update. Here are the release notes: 

1. Increasing Desktop Video Quality

BEFORE: The desktop video quality was quite blurry.
NOW: The video has sharp and visually better to look at.

2. "View Campaigns for Others" Fix 

BEFORE: If you searched for other peoples campaigns, you couldn't delete your search history.
NOW: Looking at other campaigns works perfectly now, you can also delete the search now. 

3. New Updates for Mail Templates

BEFORE: Old mail template is gone.
NOW: We built a totally new mail template now, which is easier and better to handle. 

4. Full-screen Video Controls Removed 

BEFORE: If you clicked on a video inside an ad you could make it full-screen.  
NOW: This widget is now removed. You can't make the videos full-screen anymore. 

5. "Duplicating a Creative" Fix

BEFORE: If you duplicated a creative, you couldn't change the name and placement size.
NOW: Both name and placement size are now editable after you have duplicated your creative.

6. "Version Info" Added to Footer

BEFORE: The name of the current version of Adcanvas was not written on the footer of the page.
NOW: Self-service platform Adcanvas shows you the name of the latest version you are using.
This helps us to fix any bugs or problems faster, if we know which version is currently being used. 

7. Quick Analytics Update (After Campaigns Page is Loaded)

BEFORE: Only the first 10 campaigns had the analytics preview shown and all the others didn't have that information.
NOW: Every single campaign that is missing this information is being updated to show the analytics preview.
Eventually all of them will show the missing insights.  

8. "Filter by Status View" in Campaigns

BEFORE: This filter didn't work. You could have chosen it but it never implemented.
NOW: "Filter by Status View" now works perfectly. 

9. UI fixes for Campaign Management

BEFORE: The elements on the Campaigns page were placed differently.
NOW: Easier and visually better to handle all of the elements. 

10. Default Sorting for Creatives (by Created Date)

BEFORE: All the latest creatives appeared in the bottom of the page as the last creatives on the list.
NOW: All the latest creatives appear the first on the list and stay there.

11. "Creatives List Design" Fix

The elements are placed differently now and are visually better to look at. 

12. "Collaborators Input Field" Fix

BEFORE: If you shared a campaign with someone, he or she didn't get an internal notification nor an e-mail.
NOW: An internal notification and an e-mail are now being sent out to the collaborator whenever a creator wants collaborates with someone. 

We value your feedback, so if you have any suggestions send us an e-mail with your ideas to [email protected]

Your NEXD team.

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