Accessing the analytics dashboard

To access the main analytics dashboard, from the main Manage dashboard click on a campaign, then click Go to analytics:

After clicking Go to analytics you'll be taken to the main analytics dashboard.

Campaign Statistics Summary

When you reach the Analytics Dashboard, the first thing you will be greeted by is the Campaign Statistics Summary. This gives you a breakdown of the overall performance of your campaign.

Impressions: This is the total number of served impressions in your campaign. Below the total impression count we also provide statistics for the Load Rate and Viewability of your campaign, overall.

Load Rate is calculated through how often the creative was able to fully load, before the user scrolled over or left.

The viewability statistics are calculated based on the IAB guidelines for viewability: over 50% of the ad must be in view for more than 1 second and the creative has to be loaded in order for the impression to be counted as viewable.

Engagement: This is the combined average engagement rate for all creatives in your campaign. Below the overall number, there's also stated how big of a percentage is engaged with what. For more information on how we calculate engagement, see below.

CTR: This is the combined average click through rate, which has directed the user to the provided endpoint, for all of the creatives in your campaign. Below the click through rate, we also provide the total number of clicks your campaign has received throughout it's lifetime.

Creative Statistics

Further down the page, below the Campaign Statistics Summary, you will find the individual Creative Statistics for the creatives within your campaign.

To find a particular creative within your campaign, look in the top, left-hand corner of each section where you will find the name. Below that you will find the impression count, average engagement and average CTR.

The Creative Statistics view also provides you with a chart, allowing you to get an idea of how your creatives are performing over time. If your creative includes a video asset, you will also see a video view rate chart. This indicates, on average, how long your audience is watching the video for.


Impressions in NEXD platforms are calculated using "Served Impressions".  A served impression is counted when the ad placement has made a request from the NEXD ad server and the placement validation is completed.

We are aware that there may be a discrepancy across different platforms and how the impressions are counted. 

At NEXD, we aim to keep the discrepancy rate within the <10% range, although there may be instances when it is somewhat higher. If you find this to be the case, please contact the support team ([email protected]) so we can investigate further.


The engagement performance metric is calculated based on range of factors, varying across the differently layout-types used.

Typically, engagement calculations are base on:

  • major gyroscope interaction (at least 45° in a relatively short time-span) for gyro-based layouts;
  • touch interaction (does not include scroll) for all layouts;
  • video has been in view for over 3 sec and played for video-based layouts.

For more in-depth clarification please refer to our FAQ "How does Adcanvas calculate Engagement"

Event Analytics

The NEXD Campaign Manager Self-Service platform allows you to get a really deep, granular view on how your audience is interacting with your creatives, beyond simple impressions, engagement, video view rate and clicks.

To access your creative's Event Analytics, scroll down the page until you reach the bottom of the daily impression count table for the creative you want to view analytics for and click Show events.

This will then reveal the event data for your creative. Currently this includes:

  • Page Seen: The number of times a particular "page" within your creative was viewed.
  • Page Click: The number of times your audience clicked on a specific "page" within your creative.

For more information on the range of layout-layout specific events, please refer to Events for Layouts

Exporting campaign, creative & event statistics

The NEXD Campaign Manager Self-Service platform allows you to quickly and easily export statistics for your campaigns, creatives and events for those creatives.

Campaign statistics: To export the overall campaign report, click the blue Export button at the very top of the page. The campaign report is available in XLS, PDF and CSV file formats.

Creative statistics: To export the statistics for an individual creative, scroll down to the bottom of the creatives performance charts and click the export icon:

The creative statistics report is available in XML, TXT, CSV and XLS file formats.

Event statistics: To export the event statistics for your creative, first expand the Events section if you haven't already, then you'll see the export icon directly below the Hide events text.

The event statistics report is available in XML, TXT, CSV and XLS file formats.

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